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i purchased a living room set not even two years ago and the stitching started ripping and my 5 year old son jumped on the sofa and it ripped the fabric. bobs tech came out and told me that i needed to contact goof proof because the sofa could not be fixed so i did and goof proof of course said that its wasn't an accidental damage that they would not be covering that because its a manufacture warranty. but that to me is false advertisement, i remember when i was that the store and the sale guy told me that no matter what happened to the sofas that it would be covered no questions asked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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bobs furniture and goof proof are in it for the money,its a big scam and the government should investigate them


You DO realise that kids aren't actually supposed to be jumping on the furniture, right? And if you read the contract that you signed it clearly states what is and is not covered.

Goof proof is for *accidents* not because your kid was never taught not to jump on furniture.

And before you accuse me of not having kids around, you'd be wrong. But the kids were taught you don't jump on furniture.


The furniture is just garbage. It has nothing to do with the customer, it's just manufactured with the cheapest materials...

I know this because I'm a repair tech for bobs. Complete garbage!!!!!!!


We bought furniture from BOBS and it was particle board and not solid wood, like the display we were shown. Our dressers began to crumble each time we opened a drawer.

Matter was resolved by insisting on the display model, because the display model was solid wood. That was 20 years ago and our solid wood dresser is still standing today.


Similar problem...after 27months springs on both sofa and loveseat are stretched out and nonrepairable ( per Bobs technician) frame on sofa cracked as there was no support from springs. and NO I don't have kids who jump on furniture and neither are we overweight.

Goof proof will honor warranty on sofa as frame is cracked but not on loveseat where springs are stretched out. Spoke to store manager Dorothy who was very helpful Bobs customer care rep Dawn was as helpful as she was able and sympathetic and agreed furniture should not wear out in 27 months. then spoke to Karen who is higher up then Dawn. Karen was rude and made me feel I was wasting her time.

She basically said it was normal wear and there was nothing she could do and there was no one above her I could speak to.

Moral of story You get what you pay for.. I would never go back and am telling everyone not to waste their money on Bob's ***


i had purchased the goof proof with a company they no longer use because they didnt replace anything.... but bobs took charge and gave me a new peice of furniture...


They said no matter what happens to the furniture goof proof cover it


People are ***, you broke your sofa and you expect someone else to pay for it....get real


LTCC I'm guessing u don't have kids. When u do I hope u can keep them from jumping on they beds and ur sofas!!!


Guess you should not let your house apes jump on the furniture...hugh