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I order a cocktail table from their online store. Come to find out it gets shipped from Conn.

I set up the deliver day. I am at home patiently waiting and get a phone call that they attempted to delivery to my home but no one was there! I proceed to call the Immediately back and the "dispatcher" tells me the truck is all ready gone!..So the truck drove all the way back to Conn. At that point I was steaming (since I took a day off of work to sit for 6 hours waiting for my furniture) I wanted a refund.

It took over a week for it to "mysteriously" show back up in the warehouse and I finally got refunded.

Company is really shady, in their system it showed up that the delivery was "Finalized" so on their end It said that it was delivered even though NO ONE signed for it. Never shop with this company, they try to rip you off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Bob's sucks same problem as everyone. Wish I read the complaints before my purchase.

My son plays in the living room, wheter he sits on our "leather" chair or not he is covered in brown flakes, its a wonder he hasnt got any in his eyes. Lucky for Bob cause I'd toss all this *** furniture right through the front glass window of the *** store.

(As per Mookie in "Do The Right Thing") Never shopping at Bob's period. I'll pay more and get better quality.

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