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my daughter and my grandaugher and I wen to bob furniture with a 1000 doloar voucher o ge what ever she wanted from dta for her new aparmen firs we were told to ake the voucher paper to theme to have it filled out we were told that a sales man here handel all voucher order my daughter pick out a couch marosel which cos 799 and a 29.0 lamp and was charge 99.00 fpr deliverey was old ha when we bring he voucher back he turn around was 3 days so my daughter wen back to da go he voucher because he firs day he voucher was not ready brough I back to he store and he nsales man was no here a office manager which said she had to wait 2 weeks my dauher called me and I talk o her and she told me tha this is how long I takes to ge process I told her ha tha was very unprofessional of her worker because my daughter had choices of where she could of gone and maybe did no wan o wai tha long she hen told me she would ake care of I so on checking for her oder I called customer service and hey told us there was a block on he odde4r I ask why we called the deaham sore because he said hey saw her name on the customer but no iems purchasewhen I talked to the office manager the woman at deadham said tha the customer service does no know how they do hings and that she would email the corporate o see if the receied the merchandise order and tthen see if they took a block off the order I have never done business like this before where your name not what ou purchase is in the computerthey will take care of this I told her the sales man had no business telling us that there was just a 3 day delivery I asked her did she talk to him about it so far my daughter does not have her cough or lamp coach .creame leather morsel couch $799.00zAS l lamp 29.00 99.00 delivery charge I TOLD H ER THAT EVEN THOU IT WAS A VOUCHER VOUDONT JUSTT TELL A CUSTOMER ANY THING BECASE A THE END OF THE DAY BOB FURNITURE GETS PAID I HOPE THAT CORPORATE TAKES THIS BLOCKMOFF I ALSO ASKED HER COULDNT SHE GIVE THEME A COUSITEY CALL TO FIND OUT WHAT GOING ON SHE SAID THAT GOING ON WE NEVER DID BUSINESS LIKE THIS BEFORE WHERE YOUR PURCHASE IS NOT IN THE COMPUTER

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: o be honest with the customer to allow them to decide if this is the roue you want to go and hopingthat this is resolved in a timeley manner i would of went beyond the call of duty for my customer to make sure m customer had a good expierence especialley .

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Giving wrong infomation on delivery, Being lied to.

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Cannot read this....or understand this.... who wrote this, a toddler?

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