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My first experience with Bob's was about 12 years ago. We purchased a set of couches. Two years later, they looked as if we'd had them for 15 years.

We were looking for bunkbeds and Bob's had what we were looking for (the kind with stairs instead of a ladder) We were previously told by a sales person at Bob's that the quality of their merchandise had improved since them. We ordered the bunkbeds from them and it has been nothing but a headache.

On the first delivery, multiple pieces were damaged. It was suggested that we request to have all pieces inspected before the next redelivery. When delivery #2 arrived, not only was there damage to a piece that had been inspected but holes for the bolts were not drilled all the way through. Currently, I have one top bunk set up for one of my kids to sleep in, the second mattess is in my kitchen, and we are awaiting the 3rd attempt by Bob's to get it right.

I will never make another purchase from them again. I am trying to locate their corporate office to send a letter regarding my bad experience but it has not been easy to find. Wonder why! I highly advise against purchasing anything from Bobs. Personally, I know 4 other people who have had experiences similar to mine.

If you're considering buying from Bob's, I have some advice for you - don't. Spend a little extra money and go someplace like Basset or similar. We have couches we had purchased from them 6 years ago that still look great. Bob's = ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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Check with the BBB again. There are complaints.

If you search Bob's Furniture (make sure you use the apostrophe) it brings up the headquarters in CT and they have a B+ rating.

If you search Bobs Furniture (without the apostrophe) you get a few other locations and one has an F rating (one complaint unanswered). Good luck.


I just recently had a terrible experience which I will be documenting. I urge all of you out there to reach out to the Better Business Bureau as somehow this company has been under the radar with 0 documented complaints with the BBB and so many legitimate angry Bob's consumers.

Head over to their website at htp://www.bbb.org and file a complaint.

"Historically, over 70% of complaints filed through BBB are resolved. In some cases, BBB mediation or arbitration may be offered to assist in resolution." --BBB


Here's the update to my original post. On attempt #3 they brought only the replacement for the damaged headboard and footboard.

What they did not bring were the rest of the pieces for the bed that I sent back on delivery #2 due to the fact that I do not have space in my house to be a storage facility. It took a total of 4 attempts but they finally got it right. I now have my bunk beds. I received a credit of the delivery charge.

I did get the address of the corporate office through the Better Business Bureau. I also confirmed it with the local store. I am writing a letter explaining what a disaster this whole experience has been.

Though I feel I deserve more for my inconvenience, aggravation, wasted time, etc., I am expecting no further compensation. I do, however, plan to make Bob Kaufman (or whomever opens his mail :) )fully aware of what a miserable experience this has been.


there isn't any link. it's a joke! just like bob's used car salesmen.


We accept customer communication through our website www.mybobs.com. The link is labeled AskBob.

Please include your customer code or order number so your issue can be researched.

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