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Update by user Mar 18, 2016

Well, about a month has passed since Bob’s screwed me over and I’m still pretty bitter. I did get a call from their customer service people.

Bob’s customer service offered me a certificate for “up to $75 off” on a future purchase from Bob’s. I told her that I’ll never again step into Bob’s, and that I wouldn’t wish the Bob’s experience on my worst enemy. I didn’t tell her where to shove the certificate, but I think she got the idea.

They also apologized and claimed they would investigate so this didn’t happen again. I kindly explained that their apology and investigation would do nothing for me as I was still out $800 for 4 extra nights in a hotel.

Bob’s customer service was sorry for that too, but could do nothing.

Unfortunately, $800 isn’t enough money to make is worthwhile to hire somebody to pursue Bob’s in the courts.

All I do now it warn people about the Bob’s experience, and send them to Dream Décor. I’ve done that with two people now and will do it with each and every person I know that plans to purchase furniture.

Update by user Feb 19, 2016

Update – 4 days later

My initial review was written on Tuesday, Feb 17. That night, I did eventually get to talk to Supervisor Percy who apologized profusely and promised to get me my furniture delivered on Thursday, Feb 19.

He also promised to compensate me for the extra hotel nights. He even gave me his direct phone number at which to call him the next day if there was a problem (213.637.1300 x66036). What a crock of BS. None of that came to pass.

The next day (Wednesday) I waited and waited for a call from Bob’s to advise of the delivery time.

After hearing nothing by noon, I tried calling Percy. No answer. The phone just rang and rang. No voice mail either.

I tried calling again every 30 minutes. Nothing. No Percy. Around 3:00 pm I called the regular customer service number.

The girl told me that Percy’s request for Thursday delivery was rejected. She also told me that my Saturday delivery slot had been released and filled by another delivery order. The next available delivery date would be the following Monday or Tuesday (Feb 22 or 23). I asked to speak to Percy.

The customer service girl told me he was off today.

The girl promised to put in another delivery request for Friday, but could not promise anything. She also told me that I could only have one delivery request at a time so while I waited on the answer for Friday, delivery slots were filling up for the following Monday and Tuesday. So frustrating. I asked to talk to any supervisor.

That request was rejected.

I called customer service back around 7:00 pm and was told that my delivery request for Friday was rejected. The customer service girl asked for Saturday delivery and learned that request was rejected as well. The best I could hope for was a Monday or Tuesday delivery which may or may not be rejected and even if it was confirmed, the driver may just screw me again. I decided right then and there to get off Bob’s Crazy Train.

On Thursday morning I went to a Springfield furniture store called Dream Décor.

It was no great *** to look at, and there was not some salesman in a suit following me around the store, but after a few minutes a nice lady named Heidi asked if I needed help. I asked her what the delivery date would be on anything I purchased. Heidi promised to deliver everything on Saturday. I nearly kissed her!

Heidi and I spent the next 30 minutes buying almost the same stuff I bought at Bob’s. The total came to $2,950 so I even saved about $350. I got home and called Bob’s and told them to cancel my order and credit my American Express card. They didn’t seem to care one little bit that they had lost my business.

So now it’s Friday afternoon. Dream Décor just called and confirmed my delivery for Saturday between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Heidi called to make sure I was all set. I told her I was.

I’ve never heard another word from Bob’s. Percy’s phone continues to ring and ring. I truly think he just gave me some number that he knew was dead. I know I won’t get compensated for my time (about 12 hours that I wasted shopping at their store and waiting on hold with customer service and my wasted day waiting around the apartment).

I know I won’t get compensated for 4 extra nights in a hotel and I certainly won’t get compensated for all the grief and aggravation Bob’s caused me. My recommendation to anybody thinking of going to Bob’s would be get your head examined. Don’t get on the Bob’s crazy train.

Call Heidi at Dream Décor at 413.747.0300. She’s a star!

Original review posted by user Feb 16, 2016

I’m so frustrated right now.

I purchased furniture from Bob’s Discount Furniture on Feb 7 from Jason Gomez in Rockville, MD. Jason did a fine job. So fine that I spent about $3,300 in less than 30 minutes. Jason offered to deliver just a few days later. I told Jason that I wanted delivery about 10 days later on the afternoon of Feb 16. Jason punched it into his computer, and promised there would be no problems with my Bob’s Discount Furniture delivery.

On Friday, Feb 12 Bob’s Discount Furniture’s automated system called and confirmed delivery on Feb 16. GREAT! On Feb 14 or 15 (I can’t remember which), Bob’s Discount Furniture’s automated system called again and confirmed delivery between 9:15 am and 1:15 pm on Feb 16. I really wanted the afternoon, but decided that to be accommodating to the nice guys at Bob’s Discount Furniture, so I would accept a morning delivery time even though it was very inconvenient for me.

I checked Bob’s Discount Furniture fancy “furniture tracker” website frequently during the day. Initially, my furniture was to be delivered between 9:15 am and 11:15 am. That moved from 11:15 am to 1:15 pm, and continued to change throughout the morning and early afternoon. I sat around my empty apartment and waited … and waited … and waited for Bob’s Discount Furniture. The delivery time changed more often than a supermodel changes clothes during a fashion show. At one time, the furniture tracker may have even showed deliver as late as 3:00 pm.

At around noon, Bob’s Discount Furniture’s driver called. His phone number is 203.710.4651 (just in case you Bob's want to identify him). The driver called asking for directions. I told him the location of my apartment complex, and the driver promised to make the delivery around 2:00 pm. We agreed that I would meet at our gated parking area so that Bob’s Discount Furniture’s poor driver would not have to carry the furniture such a long distance to my apartment.

Simultaneously to the drivers call, I got a message from somebody named Trish in Bob’s Discount Furniture customer care. Trish left a voice mail message claiming that the driver attempted delivery and nobody was home. I immediately called Bob’s Discount Furniture’s customer care and talked to Ashlynn who was located somewhere in CT. I explained that I was talking to Bob’s Discount Furniture’s driver when Trish called. Ashlynn confirmed that the delivery was not attempted (she said she checked the drivers GPS). Ashlynn also promised to file a Bob’s Discount Furniture “redelivery report” for today as my apartment was only about a 1 minute drive from the drivers final delivery location.

After talking to Ashlynn, I called the Bob’s Discount Furniture driver and he kindly confirmed that we were still on for delivery at 2:00 pm.

Well, Bob’s Discount Furniture’s driver didn’t show up at 2:00 pm. I called the driver at 2:30 pm. I sent him a text message too. No response. I called and sent more texts. Still no answer. Finally, I called Bob’s Discount Furniture customer care and talked to Brianna. She told me that the driver claimed to have attempted delivery at 12:30 pm; that the truck was back at the delivery facility and that my next possible delivery was Saturday.

I asked to speak to a Bob’s Discount Furniture supervisor. I waited on hold for about 15 minutes before Brianna got back on the line and said that Percy (the Bob’s Discount Furniture supervisor) was not available and that Percy would call me back in about 30 minutes. That has not happened even though about two hours has passed. I’m not holding my breath for Percy’s call. Brianna and I did schedule a Saturday delivery though because at least I have another Bob’s Discount Furniture firm delivery date – though based on my recent experience, a firm Bob’s Discount Furniture firm delivery date doesn’t really mean much.

I called the Rockville branch of Bob’s Discount Furniture (hoping that Jason Gomez, the guy that sold me the furniture, could help me out) and got routed to a nice lady who claimed to be the Bob’s Discount Furniture Rockville Office Manager. She was kind and understanding. She said she would call me back in the next two hours. That was about an hour ago. I’m still hoping to hear from her, but I’m learning about more about disappointment than satisfaction with Bob’s Discount Furniture.

So now I’m paying for an apartment, and I’m staying in a hotel because Bob’s Discount Furniture didn’t deliver my furniture as promised … and nobody seems to care at Bob’s Discount Furniture except the office manager lady in Rockville that may or may not call me back (it's been more than 90 minutes now)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Manager.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Salesman.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Supervisor that will not discuss problems, Delivery guys that do not show up, Delivery guys that will not answer their phones, Bobs total failure to react to my issue.

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