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Just wanna give a heads up to anyone who might want to spend their hard earned money on Bob's Discount Furniture. My suggestion, unfortunately is to go somewhere else.

I recently found a great apartment and decided I wanted to get all new furniture. I walked into Bob's and the sales rep that helped me out was knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction. Everything was smooth sailing until Bob's received my money. Upon the day of delivery the 2 gentleman informed me that my order was missing all the hardware required for assembly.

Ok no big deal these things happen. You'd assume this would be taken care of right away right? Afraid not.I knew it had nothing to do with the delivery guys they were very apologetic and I know they dont pack up the boxes, they are just given a list of jobs to do. When I got on the phone with the representative I was told that nothing could be done until the following Thursday, POSSIBLY Wednesday.

I asked if I could just take a ride somewhere and retrieve the hardware myself and I'll put it together since they dropped the ball. I was informed that it would be a lot easier for Bob's if they just continued the delivery and assembly next week. I placed my order with Bob's a week ahead of time and after a long week of working nights I was literally dreaming about the bed that I had spent almost $2500 on. If i hadn't already donated my previous bed the day before I would have denied the service all together as this was one of the worst customer services experiences I've ever encountered.

Not the delivery men, not the representative, their hands were tied and I understand that. It was evident that Bob's policy is to fix their screw ups when it fits their schedule. Well my $2500 mattress is still wrapped in plastic on the floor of my bedroom and will stay that way until Bob's can fit me into their schedule. I already paid so I imagine I am not the top priority at the moment.

I'm hardly ever one to complain because I understand mistakes happen. But when mistakes happen a professional business will do everything they can to make sure a paying customer is accommodated as quickly as possible. For Bob's, the answer is sleep on the floor until we get to you. I heard great things about this company but first impressions last forever and my business will be directed elsewhere in the future.

Thats my multi thousand dollar purchase on the floor. But they'll be back next week so I guess I should consider myself lucky

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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