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I purchased a bed from BOBS Farmingdale NY in 2016. The Bed was held together fine for the FIRST couple yrs but I had to move and to move I had to disassemble the bed.

Before I could even do this I sat on my bed only to have it fall from under me on July 28,2018. I had sat on my bed to start clearing out my storage headboard. I put in a claim with Bob's and then Goof Proof. BOTH OF THEM ARE POINTING THE FINGER AT THE OTHER TO FIX IT.

Neither of them are taking responsibility for the defective product. BOBS SAID THEY WANT $95 FROM ME AND THEY'LL SEND ME THE PART TO FIX IT. I HAVE PAID IN FULL ALMOST $1500 FOR MY BED.

I've never been more insulted and disrespected as a customer. I was told it doesn't matter if I was a customer a few years ago and spent a lot of money for protection that doesn't work when I've only had the product for a little over 2 yrs.

Once the 1 year is up all protections don't work. I've been told to essentially lie on how the damage occured for them to consider coverage.

Bobs customer service is terrible to work with. OVER 1 HR HOLDS. Then they blame the customer for any MANUFACTURER defects.

They don't call it that if it broke to them incorrectly to be a MANUFACTURER defect and then the GOOF PROOF coverage says its not an accident. Therefore THE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM MILKS THE CUSTOMERS FOR MORE MONEY TO REPLACE THE PARTS.

BOBS has no real care for their customers. WE ARE JUST THERE TO PAY THEM AND THEIR PROTECTION IS A SCAM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Going through this with the Mystic Bay bed. Made loud noises from day one.

Support legs won't reach ground. So surprise surprise broke. They fixed it. Support legs still don't reach so surprise broke again that night.

They have now fixed it again... Stil makes creaks... Just waiting for it to break again. By the way - last time they were supposed to replace the whole bed except the headboard.

Nope! Just added more screws and support legs that don't reach!

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