Mansfield, Massachusetts
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I ordered furniture in August 2012. It was scheduled to come in September.

One piece arrived but the second was back ordered. Then when it was due to come in October I got a call that it fell off the truck and broke. Rescheduled appt and when it came it was broken on the bottom. I rescheduled for November and then they then called and said they no longer make the product - a closet/armoire.

I asked if I could buy the one I saw on the floor. They said no. I went to two Bob's stores after that to look for something new. While there I was told that they do sell discontinued items off the floor and I was misinformed.

At that point there were no more armoires in their stores. Throughout this 4 month ordeal I spoke multiple times with multiple customer service people. No one was understanding and some became angry, "snarky" and disrespectful. Ultimately they came and took back what was still sitting in my apt - a broken armoire and dresser.

It took another month to see my refund. Never did they offer me compensation for the trouble or apologize for all the misinformation and months of on again - off again deliveries.

Bob's Discount Furniture is not only low cost but low skilled in their professionalism and their honesty. A stressful and horrible experience all around.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Bob Cares

I'm sorry to hear about your order. I'm sure we can make this right.

Please email and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

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