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I purchased a sofa, chair, and ottoman and have received damaged furniture twice. The damage being FRAME damage.

Customer service has worked diligently to ensure that I not receive a refund, and make me feel as if this is my problem not theirs. Just to send me more furniture two weeks apart and taking up a third day from me waiting for delivery. Honestly, a discount for keeping broken furniture, or another *** delivery. That's what you have to offer?

I cannot begin to explain my infuriation with this company. I just simply want a full refund. It's not like there was a tear in the pillow or strings hanging off. The frames have arrived TWICE broken.

The first delivery driver swindled me into signing for the furniture and making me put a notation of damages stating the only thing I could do is wait for a technician, even when I told him to take the furniture back. Little did I know they get paid for delivery. So, because I was swindled into keeping the first set while I waited 2 weeks for a technician they state because I accepted the furniture there can be no refund, also that Bob's does not give out refunds. Even with the customer representative stating that there have been a multitude of mistakes made on their end that should have never happened in the first place.

Just spent one hour on the phone with customer care and got the WORST. I think after two deliveries of broken frames you would offer a refund. Or at the LEAST a discount on my purchase, free delivery fee, inspection before delivery, and speedy delivery follow up. Not just we will deliver a third set two weeks from now with an undetermined time.

There is NO customer satisfaction or care when it comes to this company AT ALL. Buyer beware!

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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