Boston, Massachusetts

We bought a living room set last year. The fabric on the couch that attaches the back cushions split.

Customer service came and sewed it back together(horrible job) only to have it split that night. Nightmare customer service department finally replaced the couch. This one comes with no warranty because they do not consiider it new. The coffee and end tables were exchanged 3 times due to scratches and dents upon delivery.

I sent them back as well. If i could I would return everything!!! Never buy at Bob's!!!!!

Their furniture is cheaply made and their service is even worse!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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i bought a couch the dekota it looked great on the sales floor after one week the frame broke they exchanged it the second one kept getting loose strings then tearing flipped cushions and more tearing we had goof proof protection but still had warrente but the set is discontinued so i dont like this years *** and they cant fix the less than a year set im having hard time my husband thinks i should see a bobs shrink :cry


matt give up the goody two shoe policy bobs sucks


I agree with matt. it's not where you buy it, it's what you buy.

I mean you do go to the store view and try the items you are buying.

so right there you would know how it is built and feels. falls under the category of buyers beware....


These complaints about Bob's cheap furniture crack me get what you pay for, man. I needed a new living room sofa and chair and went to Restoration HW...pricey, but beautifully crafted and perfectly delivered. Oh and my previous furniture was from Jennifer Convertibles...lasted nearly 20 years and would have lasted longer if my cats didn't scratch the corners, so they're an excellent company, too.


I have a BobOPedic and that rascal is the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. Bob is the man!!


Manufacturers, and sometimes retailers such as Bob's offer a warranty that guarantees an item free of manufacturers defects for a specified length of time. This warranty only applies to purchased items, naturally.

If a sofa was replaced because it was found to have a manufacturers defect inside the waranty time frame, it would be replaced, but the warranty only lasts until the original warranty runs out, as the new item is by no means a new purchase, and therefore the warranty does not simply start all over again. And by the way, this warranty is from the manufacturer who makes the furniture, if their warranty runs out, do you except Bob's to simply continue to send new pieces out of their own pocket for a lifetime?


Im sorry for your bad luck with bob's. Im a former employee and i'll tell you that can happen anywhere.

The thing people need to realize is that there are many different furniture stores carrying the same products as bob's. such as jordans, bernie and phyls and cardis in this area.

so if u think bob's has cheaply made furniture, your basically saying that the latter stores suck too. Sometimes it doesnt matter where you buy your furniture but actually WHAT you buy.


Same products? I don't think so.

It's a fact Bob's Discount Furniture has the lesser quality of all stores. Ashley is the only brand I know that is carried by all four retailers. Bernie's, Cardi's and Jordans carry a few of the same manufacturers, like Klaussner, Futura, etc. That's where talking to a salesperson comes in handy.

A good one should be able to tell you the differences between one brand vs. the other. My wife and I have had great experiences at Jordans years back, and more recently at Bernie and Phyl's. We bought 3 rooms worth of stuff (living room was a replacement of Bob's stuff bought just 2 short years ago).

The salesman we worked with was great and knew his stuff. Bob's has great prices, but that's about it.