Danbury, Connecticut

We were buying new furniture for our living room and bed room as well as purchasing new carpet and kitchen flooring. Since we are on a tight budget we went to Bob's first.

Our sales woman was wonderful. I she helped me find what I thought was a nice bed room set with in my budget, but I was not impressed with any of the living room sets. I ended up getting a living room set from Raymour and Flanigan. but went back to bobs for the bed room set.

When the delivery guys came in I had to remind them that my floors were new they were tossing the boxes around. After they put the bed together they went out to the truck to get the dresser, I peeked into my room to check out the bed and noticed there was a chip on the foot board, it was dark wood so the press board was bright yellow showing threw. I waited for them to finish with bringing the dresser in, Not only did they pretend not to notice the damage but they had managed to color in the chip with a brown marker trying to cover it up. I told them I wanted to talk to customer service before they left.

While I was on hold I noticed a leg on the dresser was cracked. I ended up refusing the delivery. I was told I have to wait until the furniture is back in the warehouse before I can discuss a refund. Funny they took the $ out of my account way before it was in my house.

I will never enter a bob's again!

I will be heading back to raymour and Flanigan as soon as I am refunded! Which I have a feeling will take a while.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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Wow! I was at Bob's in Maryland a few weeks ago, saw a bedroom set that I liked and was going back to purchase it.

Before heading out the store I decided to check reviews on the web and came across your review.

Thank you for the heads up. I won't be heading back to Bob's now.

Bob Cares

This is definitely not the way Bob's wants to do business. Would you please contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com?

We would like to take a further look into this. Thanks, Eric