Hyde Park, Massachusetts
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We got a BOB O PEDIC mattress complete with damage, bedbugs and total lack of accountability from BOB"S.

They should be known as "ROBS"

Customer Service was useless. They couldn't even give me a direct corporate phone # (10 minutes on hold to give me the corporate address)

They say they take great care not to spread bedbugs but they load old furniture and mattresses in the trucks with the new.

They say they spray the trucks but wouldn't say how often or with what.




Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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Just an FYI to anyone who got bedbugs and lost furniture. YES YOU CAN SUE BOBS!!!

As far as making complaints to the BBB, you're better off contacting the Attorney General or a consumer fraud lawyer. My experience with Bob's makes it obvious that they are trying to get people to accept damaged furniture. Having seen the set I bought in Raymour and Flanigan about 3 years ago, I tend to think that Bob's is buying up lots of damaged seconds. Its made by Lifestyle Solutions, an actually very quality manufacturer.

I think they bought up sets with a damaged piece and try to get you to take the damaged piece and just keep sending you other people's damaged pieces until you finally give in and take one of them.

That is fraud. Someone needs to bring a massive class action lawsuit against this place.


This is DISCOUNT furniture folks. Somehow Bob has convinced you that its good simply by showing his garbage in his commercials sitting next to a competitors piece and basically telling you that his is just as good at half the price.

IT ISN'T! At least when you shell out 2500 for a real Tempupedic, for example, you have 90 days to sleep on it and they will give u your money back if u dont like it. With the "Bob O Pedic" sure it only costs 1000 but you just wasted that 1000 when u find out it doesnt give u sleep. You get what u pay for people.

Cheapo places will NEVER stand behind their products.

You have all fallen for this fraudulent hebes sales gimmicks. He should be locked up.


This is in response to "me"'s comment. How IGNORANT you are to think that people are getting bedbugs these days due to hygiene issues or association.

Due to the ban on DDT there has been a resurgence. Offices, public places in general and especially furniture and other places that are stored in warehouses can be particularly rife with them. I bet you're working for Bob's to defend them like that and resort to personal attacks on the OP.

Sounds like Bob's nasty attitude having employees. I hope that's the case because if not then you're obviously just a ***.


bobs is not in any way responsible for bedbugs, especially when you idiots are calling like a year later reporting it..like uhm HELLO!! blame your gross house or the people you hang with.


I just had to throw out a living room set I bought from Bob's I had less than 3 months, it was terribly infested with bed bugs.

It cost me $1305 for an exterminator and I still had to get rid of the furniture.

I wish I could sue Bob's for a refund and compensation


They came to get the "HAMPTON RED" sofa out of my house cause it was a piece of junk...

They threw it on the wet grass... came back in and threw the love seat on the grass too...

then i watched them squeeze it in the truck with the deliveries! :eek

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