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I recently purchased a 6piece sectional from bobs in light brown suede my fiancé and I were hesitant with buying suede because we have a 2 yr old.we voiced our concern to the sales rep and he then introduced good proof. After telling us all about goof proof we thought hey we can't go wrong.

The sales rep even gave examples like if our son took a crayon, pen or marker an drew all over the couch it would be covered or if his cup leaked and left a stain. So we said well u can't go wrong lets do it. So we purchased the sectional which we found out was not in stick until the following month and we spent the extra $99 for goof proof... The couch ended up being delivered in almost 3 different deliveries they had kept saying that certain pieces were still not in...

My fiancé was frustrated at that point and we should have taken that as a sign to just cancel the whole order. So about 2 months after have the couch one day my son gets his hands on a black marker and scribbles all over our storage ottoman and the wedge console to the couch.. My fiancé was upset at the time and I wasn't so much I was like hey I will just call goof proof that's what we brought it for right... It was a weekend and goof proof was closed so I used the cleaner that was given to us at bobs which after scrubbing for quite awhile got most of the marker out.

So a few days later I called goof proof I was on the phone for about 20minutes before anyone assisted me. I told the rep that i needed to file a claim. He asked what happened and what was damaged. I told him which pieces they were and that it had marker and pen and my son had drew on the couch.

The rep then tells me how many marks are on each piece I thought he was joking but nope they want u to count each mark dots and all. After counting each mark line and dot on each piece he put me on a brief hold. Only to tell me when he returned that it was not covered due to marks greater than 6inchs and being excessive in markage. I was speechless I asked him why wasn't it covered he said because it didn't happen at one time.

I was like were u here when it happened no..I told him the pamphlet says it covers marker and pen. He then says yes if it's an accident, how is a two year old scribbling on a couch not an accident . He said its more like if u sit down with a pen in ur pocket or something and u mark the couch.when asked what does excessive mean he told me because u said there are about 20marks on the ottoman. I said we'll yes but only because I counted dots.

I mean really I told them they were full of *** and said some other not so great words and then hung up on them.

I knew it was to good to be true.. I will never buy that *** again what a waste of money..don't buy goof proof no matter how good it sounds , that bobs sales rep is full of ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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