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just got off the phone with Bobs regarding the 100 goof-proof. I got my bedroom set on 9-22-09, my bed broke on 10-10-09.

I called gaurdsman like I was told to do. They emailed me a form to mail back, I did so next day mail, they didnt process the form for 3 days. Then I called to check on progress of claim, they said it would be another 24 hrs before it would be complete. Then it would take another 3 weeks for someone to come look at it to decide whether it can be fixed or replaced!!

My mattress and boxspring has been on the floor for 3 weeks now, and only had the furniture for 5 weeks!!!! Bobs said I can get a refund on the goof proof, and would be done in 3 days, its now been 1 week and 3 days, and they didnt even PROCESS it yet i was just told!!!

I am told that it will be processed today by 3pm, and I will get a call at 3pm. I am SERIOUSLY UNHAPPY WITH BOB'S CUSTOMER SERVICE, FURNITURE, AND GOOF PROOF PLAN!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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Goof proof is a scam! I bought 3 pieces of furniture from them back in 2013.

I called in for damage on my leather couch and dining table and none of them were covered. I went back to the protection plan I was on and clearly they were supposed to be covered.

But they turned me down for coverage. What a Joke!


Back in January 2010 I bought a bed room set for my daughter. We were very happy with the salesman, and his "goof proof".

Everything is covered. No matter what. This enticed us to purchase another bedroom set, and a living room set.

When I called to tell them that the couch is not holding up well, the seating is flattening and very lumpy.

The set is only 1year old, and is not wearing well. They sent a rep out, he confirmed that they needed restuffed. Did 2out od 8 seats, left and told me that they were fine. I called to bad.

They will not send out somebody, nothing is wrong.


I could not agree with you more. They goof proof is a joke.

They do not cover anything. I called within the alloyed time frame, and both my damages were rejected for repair. I have bought over $5000.00 in furniture from Bob's, but will not purchase anything moving forward. Cheap quality, not coverage for repairs.

They blow you off.

Purchased April 2011- November 2012.


I read this board before sending in my claim to Guardsman (my purchase was not under the current Guardian as it was purchased in 2009) and was expecting the worst outcome possible. Clearly you MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and your damage MUST BE within the scope of coverage.

You can’t just make a call and expect them to just replace your item. Your car insurance doesn't work that way.

I called within the allotted time frame from the date of damage. Received my forms, COMPLTETED THEM (this seems to be the biggest issue as per Guardsman is that people do not fill out the forms correctly). Sent them in immediately as there is a STRICT turnaround time.

I called them in 5 days to see if they received my mail. They did and said they would call me when reviewed.

They followed up with me as promised. Offered me a replacement on my chest of drawers (only the glass top needed to be replaced, but they could only order the chest with the glass) Even offered me a reasonable price to buy back the item as it was still useable for 50 bucks.

The torn headboard required an adjuster to come out to see if it was repairable. He came the scheduled day. Guardsman called me and informed me the headboard would be replaced 7/13/11 and it was. The chest will be derived 7/16/11.

If you read your policy and follow instructions the process works. But if damage is done that is not covered why would you expect it to be covered because of your own carelessness and allowing furniture to be used in a way it was not meant to be used.

If you jumped through the hoops as you say you did you wouldn’t have any reason to be pissed.


I was told by the sales person EVERYTHING IS COVERED well I just got off the phone with the Goof Proof people and guess what she read me a list of things it doesnt cover guess what im not covered!!! the sales people should know what they are talking about when they tell u everything is covered


The nice Bob's tech just left my house. The Bob's girl on the phone when I made the appt told me that he would try to fix them to the best of his ability, and if he can't, then my Goof-Proof will cover the damage.

He was nice enough, but he just took a few pictures and said that there was nothing he could do (why did she tell me he could fix the rips?), and then he put me back on the phone with a Bob's rep, and he left. My leather sofa & loveseat each have rips where the cushions are coming through the leather (not sure how it happened), and there are some stains that won't come out from my kid's milk bottles (and I try to catch them and clean them right away). I'm sure I could have taken better care of them, but I just wanted to complain about Bob's sales-pitches...don't fall for it - they're such lies. Turns out there's lots of fine print attached to the "goof-proof plan", such as the number of days you have to report an incident (only 5 days?

Come on!), and the VERY limited damages that are covered. It's not at all Goof-Proof, but apparently all us idiots fell for it. I'm not done filing a claim yet with Guardsman. The protection plan language says that "food or beverage stains" and "rips, punctures, cuts, burns" are covered, and that's exactly what happened to our couches, but I'm sure they'll find a way to deny it since I probably should be using some sort of leather cleaner (who uses leather cleaner for spilled milk?) - the Bob's girl on the phone told me that it probably won't be covered unless I know EXACTLY how it happened and unless it happened less than 5 days ago (!).

Sorry, Bob! You lost a customer since you won't stand by your products, and since your salesmen lie/omit important info when they sell the protection plan! I'll be taking my business to Pottery Barn, Jordan's, or another Boston Interiors from now on.

If you're thinking of buying from Bob's, just read the fine print, and don't fall for his "No Gimmicks" spiel. It's all gimmicks.


We were told exactly the same thing by a salesman named "Lucky." We bought a kitchen/dining room set and he pressured us into the goof proof with the exact verbiage we have seen on this board -- "with two little ones, it's a no brainer - the kids can scrape, scratch, key it -- whatever - they HAVE to come out and fix or replace it ..." We filed a claim for our table, which is hopelessly scratched from daily use (just normal use from one year -- and we haven't done anything out of the ordinary). We were told that they would get back to us "within five to seven business days to schedule an appointment." It's April.

We followed up in February with a phone call and they said, "we are investigating your claim." Still no response. Now, after reading these complaints, I am quickly getting the idea. Truly, most of the rest of our furniture was purchased at Bassett or Pottery Barn or other places that we made more of an investment in. We don't have that kind of money anymore and this was the first time we shopped at a "discount store" for anything more than a mattress.

But we figured we would try it with the little ones - given the kind of use the table would see. The set WAS attractive for a month or so. The "Goof Proof" sounded like a good idea when Lucky basically added it to our tab with the "no brainer we promise to fix it" speech. And I have to tell you - that was clearly a lie that the sales staff is fed commonly as it's appeared universally on a number of these postings.

I would be very interested to know now if they would be willing to look into the claim and help us out with it - even after they've long spent their commission?

Because my next calls are going to be to the consumer reporters who investigate this kind of thing. I've seen mention of class action suits, but I am wondering whether anyone has gone the publicity route yet -- and tried gaining awareness of this scam via the consumer and investigative reporters - either locally in your cities or nationally?


I have no issue with the furniture just the goof proof plan company. I bought a couch and loveseat in Jan but didn't finish paying it off until Jun when I eventually picked it up.

Evidently between Jan and Jun Guardsman was fired and Guardian took over. I was told Guardian was a much better company. Yeah, right!! I was told by Bob's that Guardsman was responsible for processing my claim (my 3 year old urinated on the loveseat)because they were the company Bob's was using when I originally purchased the furniture in January.

After going through the claim process (3 weeks) Guardsman said they would not cover my claim becuase I picked up the furniture in Jun so Guardian is responsible. This went back and forth for 3 months and hours of phone calls. Every time you call either of these places you spend 15-20 minutes on hold first. After 3 months Guardian agreed to cover my claim and would send me a new couch cushion.

I finally get it in the mail and they send me ONLY the cover and not the foam core. Of course the urine is completely soaked through at this point. They apologized profusely and told me it would take another 8 weeks for me to receive the entire cushion. I will never go back there no matter how much I like the furniture or how much less expensive it is.

This entire process was so stressful (I was 8 months pregnant when this was finally resolved).

My aunt had the same problem with Bob's but she is not as tenacious as I am and she quit trying to get her claim processed. That's what they do, they *** you around until you just don't want to deal with it anymore.


The goof proof plan is a JOKE. I have had 2 claims denied.

All I got when I went to Bob's was that no matter what the product would be repaired or replaced.



And I love it. The dead toothed boosomey sales rep assured me it was top of the line.

Had them for 2 years, in a house that has been completely renovated,,, so they have been covered in dust, filth, adn wood, speaking of wood and not too mention I mounted my ex flirty gal pals sister on them. Great great quality.


To the Bob's employee....I have always been happy with Bobs until I was cohersed into purchasing goof proof just as the other customers here. TO QUOTE "actually told me and my wife that even if my kids purposely ripped, wrote, pee'd on the stuff we were covered".

Which is what my wife and I were told as well.

My pet damage was denied and from then on I always said Bob's "NO GIMMICKS" is just that....a gimmick. And I will never shop there again.


How are you supposed to live with the vomit smell on your sofa while you wait for someone to call you and email you and "approve" your request? This process has taken two weeks already. I would NEVER recommend this Guardsman or goof proof!!


RUN, RUN as fast as you can away from this company. They stand behind nothing, we also purchased the Elite Guardsman package for our sofa, it has been broken forever, Guardsman came once and sewed it then when it ripped again they said it was Bob's issue... I have been trying to get in touch with Bob Kaufman, Ted English (CEO), the sales guy who sold me the policy (actually told me and my wife that even if my kids purposely ripped, wrote, pee'd on the stuff we were covered) Milton Bander and the real owners APAX partners who pumped in the dollars to fund the growth.


i am a bob"s employee. for the few bad reviews people need to realize how many thousands of customers love what we are doing and how bob's is run. please come in and make an educated decision on your own.


My wife and I were considering traveling to one of Bob's showrooms to check out a sectional. I have to say, whether or not these stories are true, there seems to be a strong line of continuity here.

I will take my business elsewhere. I hope that the management of Bob's checks out these claims and does something about it...