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I was warned not to buy there furniture, from a friend of mines, she heard the quality was cheap and would damage quickly. Because I purchase the goof proof I thought i would be OK and not listening to my friend went ahead and bought a sofa.

I called them to file a claim against my cushion springs in my sofa popping up and the other two cushions are starting to follow the one that's out completely. The springs started popping out all around the same time. They told me my claim is excess and nothing will be covered. I also called them about a rip on the sofa they told me they don't cover that either.

unbelievable I was thinking of ordering a bedroom set from them.

Not anymore!! I felt so robbed they lost a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Cushion.

Monetary Loss: $570.

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Bob Cares

I'd be happy to offer my assistance. Please email me at with your order info and I'll be in contact. Thanks, Eric.


Dear get a life, You don't know me, you don't know if i have kids and you don't know my weight. It's obvious you work for bobs, why would you be looking at reviews on them, if your so happy with your furniture.

Stop worrying about my reviews and worry about selling a quality product. I will not be responding to disrespectful comments.


If you weren't a fat *** and had out of control kids it wouldn't be a big deal. I bought a couch 3 years ago and still looks like new. Buy the better stuff not the specials.