Hampton, Connecticut

As with other recent complaints, neither Bob's or Guardian (the insurance underwriter) stands by the merchandise - they both say it is the other company's issue...

We purchased a sleeper sofa in July from Bob's and spent the extra money for the optional insurance. After its third use as a bed, the sleeper mechanism jammed and got bent. Bob's came out and said the failure should be handled by Guardian. We submitted a claim to Guardian and they came back and said that Bob's should fix it because the couch was still covered under the manufacturer's warranty. After numerous calls to Bob's, they sent another person out to tell us the failure should be covered by Guardian - which is a separate company and refused to contact Guardian on our behalf.

Classic runaround. We give up at this point but buyers beware of Bob's and any products they sell - including the supplemental Guardian Insurance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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Gurdsman and Bob's are running a HUGE scam!! I paid 200 dollars for the "insurance". I have a 3 yr old so I thought it would be money well spent. Sure enough when I called them they sent someone out and sent me a letter a week later saying it was not covered. They said it was cumulative damage. How the heck do they know when it was damaged.

Then Bob's would not take the charge off my account. So I paid 200 dollars for nothing. The merchandise is also junk!

Beware anyone who buys from these people.

And don't throw your money away with the "insurance".


I had a similar experience...I bought a couch and loveseat from Bobs about 2 years ago, and paid extra for the Guardsman protection. After having the furniture for about a month, my dog bled on the couch.

According to what I was promised, either Guardsman would clean it, ot Bobs would replace it. So, a Guardman technician came out to muy house, and took one look at my sofa and said that he couldn't even try to fix it because the fabric wasn't color fast and couldn't be treated.(So why did Bobs sell me the Guardsman policy on this furniture?? I would have never bought furniture that couldn't be cleaned!!) Bobs was HORRIBLE!!!! Guardsman wouldnt touch the couch, and Bobs customer service just kept telling me it was Guardsmans problem.

I must have gone back and forth with the two for a month. Finally,a guy from Bobs agreed to let me buy one new furniture cushion with my own money!!

I was so fed up with looking at the furniture, I donated the whole set to the Salvation Army (it wasn't comforatable at all, either), took the loss, and ended up buying a great set at Jordans with washable slip covers. I would NEVER EVER set foot in Bobs ever again!!!!!!!!!!!