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I can only speak for my son and his new wife who bought a living room set from Bob's. (My wife and I have also bought a few things there and they are OK...but they are not the type of items that need "goof Proof" insurance).Anyway, my son was assured that in the event that there was any damage due to their dog, their policy would cover it.

WRONG!!! They tried to persue it but are very busy and just don't have the time. I DO! I saw the couch before and after, (dog nail homes...not chewing or ripping) and am now waiting to get the information from my son so I can go to bat for them.

They tried and failed. It is absolutely rediculous that this is allowed to go on with a "reputable" company such as Bob' Furniture. We are in the market for a new bedroom set now and a dining room table and hutch. The absolute first place I will

B O Y C O T T is Bob's and I highly recommend everyone do the same.

Questionable quality (when they delivered our small foyer hutch, one of the corners was smushed in so I asked for a replacement. They offered to send in someone to repair it. NO! I want a new one...which...after a bit of ***, something I excell at, I got my new piece.) No insurance coverage needed on the hall hutch nor the 2 tall chairs that we bought for our kitchen nook...but believe me...if I was treated as many of you had been treated, and my son and his wife, I would be walking the line in front of Bobs corporate with a boycott sign.

I am already asking everyone I know to boycott BOB'S AND YOU CAN BET that I will NEVER shop there again. I can't wait to get the information from my son so I can start my campaign to get he and his wife reimbursed in full or have their items replaced. I don't know what governnmental division handles insurance companies such as underwrights for Bob's, but you can bet that a nice, detailed letter would go to that agency, with a referal to this page. Fight, people!!!

Send certified letters, return receipt required, call on the phone, send COPIES of records of all your efforts to Bobs, DO THE TV Consumer protection sections, write the BBB, write Bob's Corporate, DOCUMENT EVRYTHING!!!!, do not give up! It took me 3 years to win a disibility claim against my insurance company to whom I had been paying promiums for years...but I won, retroactively!!!

Don't just sit there and moan...get to work!! I plan to for my son!!!

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I was planning to buy bedroom set from BOBs stor ebut I changed my mind after reading these comments

thanks for sharing


Buy cheap...get cheap!! In my opinion Macy's has the best furniture.

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