Hillsborough Township, New Jersey
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We purchased their leather home theater seating set and from the get go, we had problems. The ottoman was misaligned had a tear up the side.

When they sent someone out, they said they could tell the 'tear' was actually the a cut, probably from whoever used a boxcutter to take the ottoman out of a shipping box. He also claimed the top was not installed correctly on the ottoman. given the tear though, they would just replace. Well, on the new ottoman we still had the alignment issue.

They again sent someone out who said the same thing, the top was incorrectly installed. He tried to unscrew bolts and re-assemble, then left. Ottoman still not aligned. We called againg and this person actually showed us that the back of the ottoman was cracked under the leather and that is why nothing is aligning.

He told us the warranty was expiring, so to call good proof, but make something up because goof proof will deny the claim if you tell them you don't know how it happened.My husband called good proof for the ottoman and also now for a rip in the sofa due to someone reclining and their heal going through the leather. He made the mistake of saying kids were in the room wrestling...and was told we were not covered. Why? Because 'roughousing' would not be covered and the ottoman was probably damaged by roughousing!

The contract says that 'intentional abuse or misue' is not covered.I called back and explained, yes kids were in the basement wrestling, but it was my heel that went through the leather...I was then told my husband said the leather ripped at the seam and 'seam rips are not covered' I told her the rip was by the seam, not at the seam and I could send a picture. I was told I had no recourse b/c my husband already opened the claim and they cannot change anything. I became frustrated and ask to speak w/ a supervisor. She said the only thing I could do it write in.

I told her this was not good enough I needed to speak with a supervisor so I could get this resolved...she hung up on me! I called back and was told I could only write in. Again, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told there were no supervisors.

I told them I did not believe there is a floor of workers unsupervised, someone hung up on me and I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I was then told that yes, there are supervisors, but they do not take calls. I reluctantly took the PO Box address to pursue the complaint, but do not feel good about resolution. This really is a scam because I specifically remember the salesperson at Bob's pushing us on good proof..."you know, you can't beat it..with two boys you'll never know what will happen....etc." Even their tag line "goof proof let's you live with the furniture you love, not around it" is misleading.

I think in the whirlwind of making a big purchase, they get you..the sales person alludes to virtually everything being covered by good proof, then when you need it, they do their best to fit your particular situation into one of their 'exclusions'.

I hope the parties exploring a class action suit do pursue it. I will be part of it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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