North Andover, Massachusetts
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I have had two bad experiences with Bob's. First back in 2004 I bought a 4,000 dollar living room set.

It was delivered while I was at work when I got home the boxes were left and the furniture was all scratched up. I called and complained so they sent somebody out to fix it. They fixed my brand new set with crayons! Needless to say it was a bad job I complained again and they tried the same thing.

I kicked them out of my house called back up and they said there was nothing I could do. Well Five years and two kids later I needed two bedroom sets. Eight thousand dollars for two sets. Total junk!

Not even a year old and my bed fell in with my 1 year old and myself laying on it! I only weigh 220 lbs and my son weighs about 30 lbs. Let me remind you this was solid mahogany hierloom quality ! The dresser is also comming appart.

I got the goof proof scam with it they tried to fix it and cracked it. They left screws sticking out of the finnished wood and the guy pissed all over my toilet seat. I called up to make them replace it they dont make them any more! When the bed caved in it damaged my hard wood floors!

Also alot of problems with the other set. Not to mention they use screw guns to assemble everthing maybe thats why they screwed right thru the vanity then tried to hide it. I guess I should have learned the first time. This just goes to show what happens when you try to be a nice guy and give people the benefit of doubt.

I am lucky no one got hurt and I am pursuing legal options. Needless to say Bob's sucks! They train their employees to suck and their goof proof sucks! Never again and I feel like throwing the crapy furniture thru their window while they are open then go in and explain to every body why I did it while I wait for the cops.

What they are doing is legal robbery! I am begging you for your sanity and for your families sake do not buy from bobs furniture!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Above. I purchased three bedrooms from bobs and spent 3000 total one for my husband and me and my two sons we have had them for almost three years and they are holding up pretty well I'll grant you its not Eathan Allen but you do get what you pay for and i think we got a good value for what it is


Bob's sucks. I am never going there again.


This is DISCOUNT furniture folks. Somehow Bob has convinced you that its good simply by showing his garbage in his commercials sitting next to a competitors piece and basically telling you that his is just as good at half the price.

IT ISN'T! At least when you shell out 2500 for a real Tempupedic, for example, you have 90 days to sleep on it and they will give u your money back if u dont like it. With the "Bob O Pedic" sure it only costs 1000 but you just wasted that 1000 when u find out it doesnt give u sleep. You get what u pay for people.

Cheapo places will NEVER stand behind their products.

You have all fallen for this fraudulent hebes sales gimmicks. He should be locked up.

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