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I ordered two twin size bed for my two daughters, 1st they couldn't come to deliver at a time that was convenient for me (because of course like the majority of us I do have a job) I had to find someone to be at my house for the delivery, they brought 1 twin size frame and 1 full size frame and I already had bought 2 sets of twin size mattresses.So they had to come back the next day with the right size frame.Again I had to get someone to be at the house for the delivery only to come home from work and find 1 twin size bed in the middle of the room , so now I have 2 girls (11 and 4) sleeping in 1 twin size bed because the 1st guys that came the previous day packed everything up instead of just taking the full size frame. The guys from day 2 just came over with just the twin size frame thinking that the rest of the bed was at my house. The 3rd time they came 1 week later when they opened the box it didn't have some screws they needed but fortunately they had some "spare ones" in the truck and were able to assemble the bed finally after all the torture.

Bobs store offered me a gift card for $ 50.00 that I could use only at BOBS. What a JOKE !!!!!!! I told them that they could keep the gift card and that I would never buy from them AGAIN even though almost all of my furniture had been purchased at BOBS !!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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That is an aweful experience, absolutely. Keep in mind however, if you have had other good experiences with the same company, you should not place all your feelings on the latest issues.

But you are right to be upset with all you went through.

I do just want to touch on one issue though. I know every customer would love to have deliveries done at their convenience, but when a company has 200 delivery trucks out daily doing thousands of deliveries, and doing so during day-time hours when the drivers work, it would be quite the difficult task, and nearly impossible, to allow customers to simply choose what time works best for them.

The deliveries themselves need to be routed geographically, and are done so by a computer - can you imagine how much time would be wasted by simply driving all over to random locations for specific times? Each delivery truck is routed in a big egg shape, with the furthest customer from the warehouse being delivered in the middle of their day.