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bobs was supposed to deliver two rooms of children's furniture to my home today! My 19 year old daughter was home and instructed them to put the bunk bed set in the larger room and the twin bed in the smaller room! She went outside to finish cleaning a rabbit cage and noticed through the window that they had still put the wrong items in the room. She went in and again informed them that they were in the wrong room. When she came in the house the bunk bed was completely set up in the wrong room!!!! At this time I arrived home from work and the delivery man was on the phone with his supervisor trying to figure out what to do!

After 45 minutes he came in and informed me that he was behind schedule and had to go!! I asked to speak to his supervisor and after 45 minutes of him sitting in his truck he brought me my phone and said the supervisor was on the line!

I took the phone and he sped off in his Penske truck! In the mean time I was left with a dresser

in the middle of my hall and bunk beds in the wrong room. There are screws and plastic on my floor and in the other room they left the captains bed upright in the middle of the floor!! I have3 children, 2 eleven year olds and a seven year old and they cannot go into the rooms safely. Now here's bobs solution! The first very uneducated customer service person told me that we wanted the beds to be moved to another location after assembly which is what she was told! That was the first clue to her major intelligence. So asked to speak to her supervisor. Now enters the only person who has an IQ at bobs discount furniture! I know that I still have a dresser in my hall and beds in the wrong room and no one can come for 2 days but I was offered an apology and a 75 dollar gift card and best of all someone at bobs does have an EDUCATION!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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Hey craig Genious

where do you see anything about seat casings? :upset I don't have guardsman

and you commented on the wrong article! :x


No doubt guardsman, like every insurance company, is not the most upstanding and helpful. And I would never recommend anyone purchase that protection plan.

And you're right to be frustrated with that company. But, lets be fair here, it was your daughters fault that the piece was damaged in the first place.

And parts are not purchased from Bob's, so if you wanted seat casings, you are actually paying the vendor $100 for the two. Bob's cannot give you what it does not have, and it really was not Bob's responsibility anyway, as it guarantees pieces manufactuing defect free for specified periods, but does not guarantee customer accident free.

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