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We found a sofa we loved at Bob's in King of Prussia, PA. We didn't know much about the company, but had been looking for a long time so figured we would give it a shot. I wish I had read the reviews first! The buying process was fine. The store was nice and clean and everyone was friendly. The delivery process was a nightmare. The customer service was HORRIBLE.

First we were told that it would take over two weeks for our furniture to be delivered. We weren't happy, but dealt with it because we really liked the sofa. Delivery day came...and they didn't show up. I called 4 times...and was put on hold for almost an hour each time with no option to even speak with anyone. Finally I got through and was told that my delivery was cancelled. When I asked why, they said that I called and cancelled it. That NEVER happened. I called them out on it and they had nothing to say. They offered me some apologies and agreed to deliver the sofa the next day. (this was day two of me taking off work)

The next day they came around noon. Two delivery guys showed up at my house in a busted up truck with no logo on it. They weren't wearing any type of Bob's uniform. They tried ONE TIME to get the sofa in the house and then gave up claiming that it 'wouldn't fit.' They said they would have to take it back and that I needed to either get a bigger house or order a smaller sofa. I lost it on them. The sofa is a standard size and we've gotten plenty of things in and out of the house. They told me that there was nothing they could do and they couldn't give me the sofa if they couldn't get it in the house. Even though I already paid over 1,000 for it, they said it would have to go back. Luckily my brother was there. With two pushes he had the sofa in the house. The delivery guy stood there watching and refused to help. The entire time they complained about how much they wanted to go home and how slow the delivery process was going. Then, the delivery guys took a bed and frame out of the truck and tried to tell me that I ordered a bed as well. When I told them I didn't, they didn't believe me and tried to bring the bed in the house! Finally, I got through to them that I didn't order a bed and they left.

I have never, ever had such a bad experience with furniture in my life. I tried to call the customer service line to tell them what a horrible experience we had...but couldn't get through. You can't leave reviews on their website...I wonder why! What a joke. The sofa itself is fine, so far. We are happy with it, but I will never use this company again and we've been telling everyone to stay away. They charged me $100 to delivery furniture that they didn't even move into my house. I should have given my brother the money. Take it from me. If you use this company, be sure to rent your own truck and pick it up yourself. You will save yourself time, energy, and frustration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Start taking complaints seriously.

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How long have you had the sofa? Suspect you'll be back before long...


So you liked the store and the everybody in it, the furniture is holding up, you don't know if customer care is bad because we get a high volume of calls and you couldn't get through, so you hate bobs because one delivery team sucked ONE TIME?! Bob's makes over 4000 deliveries a day, sometimes you get a lazy team.

They are mostly subcontracted out drivers who work for individual depots, explaining why no logo or uniform. When Bob's gets complaints on drivers he drops them.

So please, when wanting to be aggressive about a company, educate yourself. Also, learn to properly punctate in the future; you may come off as uneducated.


Those living in glass houses shouldn't throw punctuation stones.

"So you liked the store and the everybody in it" - strike the second the

Also, your first full sentence is a run-on and lacks flow.

"Bob's makes over 4000 deliveries a day, sometimes you get a lazy team." The comma should be a semicolon.

"When Bob's gets complaints on drivers he drops them." comma after drivers

"Also, learn to properly punctate in the future; you may come off as uneducated." This is the main reason for my response.

You misspelled punctuate, and implied that if someone does learn to properly punctuate, they may come off as uneducated.

I think you mean someone who uses proper punctuation comes off more educated that someone who does not punctuate properly. Arguing over the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you're still a retard.


You're an advocate for Bob? Just your unprofessional and typo filled response just cost you our business. Mistake; big mistake.


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