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Purchased a small dinette set (drop leaf table and 2 chairs)for my daughter as a housewarming present. I was told I had to pay for delivery ($60) or drive over 2 1/2 hours to get the items myself. Not having much choice I took the delivery.

Delivery was set up within 7 days. My daughter took the morning off from work to receive items. They showed up within the alloted time, but one of the chairs was damaged. They had to borrow her phone to call the supervisor, who then told my daughter it would be another week before a replacement chair was delivered. Not happy with that, I called customer service and told them it was totally unacceptable to have to wait another week. Despite the 3 people I talked to being very polite, they offerd me no alternative. I offered to go to the Brookfield store to pick it up there and was told that I couldn't do that- no explaination, just "no".

So, my daughter took another morning off from work for the following Wed.(8/31)

I thought it was odd that I did not get a call sched. the delivery on the day before, so I called, only to find out that although my order was "in the system", it was not "routed properly", therefore it was not scheduled!

I was extremely angry and called customer service again, and again got very polite people who offered me no consolation. I was adamant that I would not have to wait another week for another delivery! The best they could do was Saturday 9/3. I had no choice. My daughter again arranged for the 3 hour window of time (10:30-1:30) off. At 2:15 on that day, delivery was still not there, and she had to leave for work, which she was already an hour late for! At approx. 3:00 I received a phone call from the delivery man who barely spoke English. They were at my daughters and no one was there. Icould not understand this man, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. They complied, and the man I talked to was nice, but he refused to leave the chair as I requested in a safe area on the back patio "too much liability". I was livid. When I called customer service for the THIRD time, I was told that the window of time is just an estimate, and we needed to be available ALL DAY! Really!

So, I headed to the Brookfield Ct store on Sept 4th, and requested that I take the chair off the showroom floor and they could have the other one delivered to the store to replace it. I was told in no uncertain terms, NO. So, I asked for a refund for the missing chair, which they did- they refunded my purchase back on my debit card. Now it is 1 week later and I have not seen the refund on my bank statement.

So, I called Customer Service AGAIN and they "don't know why I didn't receive it, but they will look into it and get back to me".

This was a nightmare purchase,the store is ridiculous, and I will NEVER purchase anything from Bob's again. I also will tell EVERYONE my story, and hopefully prevent anyone from having the frustration I had over a small dinette set. They have lost a very good customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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Agreed, Same experience here, Order is never placed in "System"..,.and reply is "Sorry we dropped the ball" Never buy anything


What to do if part of delivery is damaged just refuse entire delivery otherwise they I'll never ever resolve issues. These guys are ***cling crooks!

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