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I've purchased a cocktail table set from Bob's on Aug. 2009 along with the Goof Protection Plan (since the table tops were from glass).

Accidentally 3 weeks ago the table top to the big cocktail-table breaks - so I claimed the damage immediately - 2 weeks later Guardsman approves that the entire set to be replaced (as per the contract stipulation - if 2 more items are having the same SKU they will be considered as being 1 and the full set will be replaced/ reimbursed-Service Procedures -The Goof Protection is an entirely new contract, completely separate contract from the Buying/Selling Agreement existing with Bob's. So having a letter from Guardsman confirming that they agreed to replace the entire set I went to the Store to pick my items -but for my stupefaction BOB's asking to bring back to the store the table bases WHY ???? - nowhere in the Protection Agreement is mentioned something like this (Guardsman owns the salvage but they told me to discharge the broken items ????) What is the role of Bob in the insurance agreement - they are only an intermediary at the time of the sale of the insurance/protection - I am really confused!

I will go to Bob's tomorrow to speak with a manager ... Now I have 3 table tops w/o bases :)

Furthermore once a claim made under the Goof Protection - that item is not covered for any future damage as per the Service Procedures listed in the Goof Protection Agreement

IfI will not have a satisfactory response tomorrow, next will contact BBB

Monetary Loss: $179.

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We never shop in bobs they have cheep furniture and the sales people swarm you because they work on such a tough commission.We were basically chassed by an employee because of the way they are paid, or not paid as i have read. good luck.

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