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By far, Bob's Discount has the worst furniture in the world. Cheap knock off's, no quality, cheaply made furniture.

Everything is dark and ornate. The most unknowledgeable staff, non-existent customer service. Once you shop at Bob's, and you look closely at the furniture, you realize just how he's able to put such a cheap price tag on it, because it's cheap furniture! I'd rather pay top dollar for the real thing, then Bob's cheap imitations.

At least that way, I know I'm getting quality merchandise. Worst shopping experience I ever had!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Loveseat.

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Your Right! Asky yourself why on the following:

*Commercials that saturate the airwavees in a dumb down and quirky manner that makes you think all the other guys are wrong!

*An owner that has to appear in every form of marketing campaign both in video, audio and print formats (his poster is in the candy store) WHY..are we buying furniture or the owner's hype?

*Sales people on commission as I can walk to the other side of showroom without being bombarded by sales people. What ever havppen to "easy sell tactics"?

*A large room, bigger than many retail stores, called "The Pit" with damaged or slightly blemished furniture. Hum, where is all this inventory coming from, do other retails have such a LARGE scratch and dent area?

*The language they use in ads "hoity toity" and other catch phrases are great, they sound like all the otehr guys are wrong, then why are they so many complaints and the furniture is definitly below par, made in China?