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Update by user Sep 10, 2018

I spoke with Manager Mark @ the 117th Street Manhattan store and explained that based on false advertising I felt I should not incur the additional cost of a box spring. I told him I would be satisfied if he provided me with one free of cost.

He asked me why should he since I expressed that I liked platform beds. I responded that 1) my son liked the bed 2) I did not want to waste additional time waiting on their people to remove the bed if I returned it and then 3) waste more time after ordering a new bed from a different company for THAT to be delivered.

He had me wait a few minutes and came back and said although not customary, he would comply. I pushed hard for this and wasn't going to let up and was satisfied with the result.

Update by user Aug 17, 2018

So I went in to the Bob's in Manhattan on 117th St and spoke with manager Mike Johnson. He asked me how I wanted the situation resolved and I told him at this point I wanted them to provide a box spring free of charge for my son's bed.

He immediately said they couldn't do that and I said I guessed I would be contacting their corporate offices. He then asked since I hadn't been interested in anything but a platform bed why did I think they should provide me with the box spring. I informed him that if it was up to me and if it was my bed I wouldn't be getting a bed from them, but it was for my son and he liked the bed. Furthermore, I wanted to avoid the hassle of wasting more time waiting for them to come and remove the bed, then going through taking more time off when a new one from a new store had to be delivered.

He told me he would go and look at my record. My husband and I waited for about 20 minutes. Long story short, he came back and told me it was not their policy but they would honor my request. I told him I was glad he decided to go that route.

One thing that did annoy me though was I pointed out to him a few places where on their website it referred to the bed as a platform bed and he insisted on telling me if I read further in the description, it did say the bed needed a foundation.

I told him nowhere on line, in reference to that bed, if it was NOT a platform bed, should platform have appeared. I was able to request their "Breakfast with Bob's" delivery service where they do early delivery (I think between 6:30 and 8:30) and today the box spring was delivered.

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2018

I am dealing with a situation with them now and waiting to see how it is resolved. I am very interested in knowing what the outcome of your lawsuit was or if it is still going on.

They false advertised a bed I purchased online as a platform bed. When the bed was assembled it was obvious it needed a boxspring for support. I called and complained that I ordered a platform bed, the picture online was of a platform bed and the bed I purchased was described on their website as a platform bed, but what I was looking at was not. Customer service AGREED and told me they would sent in a "reassembly team" to correct the issue.

A couple days later, I took off more time from work and "the reassembly team" (two guys) came in and were totally confused. They came with no tools, no additional pieces, no equipment and looked at the bed, looked at me and said "it needs a support." They called someone who spoke with me, AGREED WITH ME AGAIN and said I should go in the store and look at the bed, see if it was what I wanted, if so, have them fix it or if not, she set me up for a refund and I had the option to use within 30 days. I took time off from work (2nd time) and wasted hours waiting for them to come for nothing to get done. I stopped in a different location yesterday (NJ-- the store my bed was delivered from was in Manhattan) located the bed in the showroom, lifted up the mattress and lo and behold, the bed on display had a boxspring.

A sweet sales clerk there tried to help me and informed me that no, that bed is NOT a platform bed and I had to show her on the website where in the description it says PLATFORM and how when you do a word search on their website and put in the word PLATFORM the same bed is the 2nd to pop up! She AGREED with me that she would be frustrated too. So now, I have to go in to the Manhattan showroom today and do battle.

I either leave with a free box spring since obviously this was never a platform bed to begin with and I believe just a scam to get you to buy a box spring or get a full refund and, in that case, I will be suing them for my loss of time, false advertising, aggravation and anything a Judge is willing to offer so they do not get away with this again.

M. Murillo


Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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