Newark, New Jersey

I ordered a bedroom set. However, it did not fit because it was too large. I returned to the store to select a different set. I sat with the sales representative for about 2 hours with the measurement of the room to ensure that we would not have the same issue.

When they arrived to deliver the new set and pick up the one they originally delivered, the delivery guys stated that the new furniture would not fit. Therefore we refused delivery and they removed the intial set from my house. To be clear, all their furniture was returned.

I went back to the store to get a refund. They issued a refund to my credit card immediately. However, they also have to refund cash because I partially paid in cash. They said I would get a check in the mail in 14 business days. A month later I had not received the check.

I went back to the store and they said they had to send corporate an email and would call me back a couple of days. They never called me back. I called them and they told me they never received a response to the email they sent corporate. And again, told me they would call me back.

They did not call. At this point, about 2 months later. I received a refund check. I deposited the check into my bank again. Only to my surprise, Bob's issued a STOP PAYMENT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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Having an issue with them.I purchased a mattress from them for 1500 paid 1000 in cash and 500 credit. Did not like how the mattress felt after a few days and had them come pick it up.

They pick it up and I call the store about my refund since the item was back in their possession.the lady puts me on hold for an hour then walks me through the refund process and tells me in 3 to 4 bussines days I should recieve my credit card refund and 7 to 10 business days for a check for the 1000. So I wait a week and nothing,at this point I'm starting to get pissed and I call back and again I'm on hold for an hour. I speak to a lady who tells me that no process was started on my refund so now she starts to walk me through the process and tells me to wait 2 weeks and I should have a full refund.I returned the matress February 21 and today is April 20 and they finally gave me a credit back on my credit card payment a few days I call back to ask about the check for 1000 and the lady told me sometimes the check gets lost in the mail and to be patient.then her story switched to that they are waiting for an email from corporate office.

I should have read all the complaints before shopping in this place. It's been the worst experience I have ever had shopping for anything in my life.I will never step foot inside this place


u are all pathetic. you have no idea how a business runs. bobs is not walmart.


i just canceled an order from them and am waiting for a refund check i so hope i don't have to wait that long or it will be a problem. that is crazy



OMG SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! i bought a living room set.

Didnt fit either so i went to BOBS to get a refund.

They said that there isnt prove that everything was returned so i wont be able to get a refund until they get an email back from someone they had emailed this is SOME BS! i better get my *** money back by the end of this week!