Sanford, Maine

Today I thought I purchased the top of the line full MyBob Gel (so I was told) mattress from Bob's Pit. It was in a cardboard box all rolled up in the pit so the salesmen had me try one on the showroom floor.

The purchase seemed like a good idea after testing it on the store showroom floor. Got the mattress home, unpackaged it and waited the recommended 4 hours to let it rise before going to bed. I am an average sized person, I sink into it nearly 4 inches, so much it has caused me enough back pain to wake up and write this review, IT IS NOTHING like what I tried in the store. Upon closer inspection the embroidery on the front of the mattress just says MyBoB memory foam...

when was this bed even made, anyone know? Worse, I paid $550 for it and I doubt I can return it tomorrow due to Bob's no returns Pit policy. I feel Like I was scammed, what I brought home is not what I was told I was purchasing. Looking back on the experience I signed a bunch of paperwork without reading it, the salesmen was nice, I trusted what he was saying and I was in a hurry.

Now I am kicking myself!!!! Don't make my mistake, shop elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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First of all, the my bob gel sales for $1299, and that's probable what you tried on the showroom floor! The low end mattress sales for $550 and that's probably what you have.


crybabyheater and lori. You liers work at Bobs.

I got my order right and the matress sucks so bad that im now sleeping in a air bed and it feels 10 times better. Dont shop at Bob's furniture. You will be stucked with *** mattress and defective furniture, waste your money and time and the wont let you return. it.

The sales people sweet talk you into buying, but after you get your defective product you won't be able to return it im glad I cancel an big oder I have placed and shoped at another store for my 0ther furniture. My brand new bob"s matress is now standing on my wall while I'm now forced to sleep in an air bed. Great customer experience. Why don't they get shut down.

What you see at the store is not what you get. RIPOFF!



you happen to be a *** who didn't look at what you were buying. Why you wouldn't check the box to make sure is beyond me.

That's your fault for not checking since the pit items are all "as is". How can you spend $550, and be in such a hurry that you sign your life away and don't even look at the merchandise???

Sorry that happened to you but that's on you. I got a full bedroom set delivered today - so far so good.


Your attitude just reinforces what this unsatisfied customer is saying. Your obviously are a troll for bobs trying to make this customer look bad.

Shame on you. What a hateful way to do business.


You are the *** ho works there Mr. Uh


are you seriously blaming the customer for the *** matress? I bet you work for bob's furniture.


me too I wqs ripoff $1000 FOR s twinn size matrress. I5 cuts my butt and legs circulation. So it up.


I don't understand how it's their fault that you signed anything without reading it. They are salespeople, they are suppose to be nice. If you didn't even bother to read before signing, I doubt you took the time to confirm what you were buying.


Um you're just an *** who was in a hurry.


Why wouldnt you make sure you had the correct item? Im sure as you know; the pit is for bargsin shoppers looking to avoid buying new. The pit is for clearance and discontinued items.


Crybaby-He obviously was directed to the mattress he got. The salesman knew what he was after and made no attempt to help him.anonymous- shame on you *** for calling names.


Why would anyone buy a mattress from "the pit"?

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