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1. Written by I work there, on 06-02-2010 22:47

Hi everyone,

I work for bob's and we are honastly a very customer oriented company.. i know unfortunate things happen and you want them fixed..but please everyone hear me out..When you get a service rep on the line, We are going to do everything we can to help. We have no idea what has happend until you tell us. I understand your mad, anyone would be . but please guys go easy on us we are doing the very best we can to help. So please no more swearing at the person who is answering the phone. We are here to help not be abused

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We just purchased a dining room set from Bob's and had not issues what so ever ! The delivery was flawless.

I was expecting the worst based on the reviews I have read. Well I can tell you I am very happy my purchase and will buy from Bob's again !


lady you are a fool. no one cares that you work at bob's.

bob's still sucks and you guys need a reality check.

stop contracting delivery service out to illegals with an attitude. no on wants to pay $200 and have someone go to your home, get a whole lot of attitude and have their property damaged.


bob's sucks, you have to wait 20 minutes to speak with someone, when delivery comes, the stuff is damaged and the deiivery men have a nasty attitude and complain about doing their work. furthermore it takes more than 3 tries for them to get your order out to you, that's if the products aren't damaged and you have to reschedule deliveries again and again.....

i'm sick and tired of taking off from work for you guys to get you *** together. i will never buy from bob's agan and tell others not to as well! screw bob's!

trust me that's what they will be doing to you once they get your money....... :(


Having purchased furniture from all of the major stores like Raymour, Crate and Barrel, Macy's and Seamans, Levitz and Fortunoff (when they were around) -- Bob's really isn't much worse. Yes you have to go through several deliveries to get it right, but I can say from experience that they are much easier to deal with than the customer service at the supposedly "more reputable" more expensive stores.

I don't think I ever made a furniture purchase that was for several pieces from any store that didn't involve at least one item being returned because it came damaged. People just don't make the big fuss over it when it happens at the top dollar stores.


I was actually going to Bob's furniture on Long Island tomorrow but wanted to google it to see what they had as living room sets go until I found this site.

Let's just say I changed my mind.

Thanks everybody.


Oh my God! I wish I'd read this comment section before I went to Bob's.

I bought a living room set from them with an area rug. The Area rug was dry rotted. I had bits of rug falling off all over the place. This rug was offered to me by a "smiling" sales person at a discount.

Now, in hindsight, I realized it was not new but probably one that was returned by another customer and resold to me. I've been had at Bob's. The living room set I purchased from them was not bad..however. the other sets on display were horrible to sit on....when you sat on them the sit cushions sank to the floor.

Yes, the furniture is I guess this is a case of buyer beware. Buy cheap...get cheap.


well i have not chosen to shop or buy there because to keep it fair. I been trying all day to get touch with someone in support services and well sorry to say its almost 200pm and i havent been able to get into voice mail yet, so that tells me more the good price would have sorry bob please get your act together


Well, I am bed shopping and I guess I won't be buying from Bob's. The prices are very attractive but I need another problem like I need *** in my head. :eek


Well there's the key sentence in that statement. "When you get a service rep on the line".

Yeah, IF you get a service rep on the line. A majority of us don't have all day to sit around and wait to be connected to someone. In addition, the delivery options are horrendous.

Not convenient for those of us who work full time jobs. :(


and every 1 is right its all junk. bob is good at what he does he makes you think you paying cheap money 4 good furniture when your really paying good money 4 cheap furniture like i tell all my friends i was going 2 buy furniture from there then i started delivering 4 them and now i wouldnt buy it 4 my dogs :grin


Do you guys read from a script? I had to call about problems with the furniture I bought and the speach the cutomer rep gave me was verbatim, right down to the "heart felt" Oh, I'm so sorry. I can help you with that.

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