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This Spring I purchased a bedroom set from Bob's Discount Furniture. After a week and a half later I noticed that my daughter and I were getting bitten by an insect. It never occurred to me that these bites were being caused by bed bug and that soon my apartment would be infested with them.

After 3 week of getting bitten and two visits to the pediatrician I was informed by my daughter's doctor that the bites were most likely due to bedbugs.

I then proceeded to visit a hardware store and purchased $ 50 worth of products. After using the products the bed bug problem was confirmed. I never had this problem before, a family member requested I do some online research on other customers who had the same problem after purchasing from Bob's. I then proceeded to do online research on bed bugs and on customers who had similar problems and I found the following same complaints:

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(09-29-2007, 12:12 PM By Jenna 45)

After my research I was stunned to know that my hard earned money went to such a cruel scam. I contacted Bob's and they informed me that the insurance I had purchased does not cover bedbugs. (Of course it does not, if it did, no one would purchase a thing from them)

After contacting Bob's Customer Service, the Better Business Bureau and Bob's cooperate office I received the following statement:

A Bob's Corporate Liaison: Bed bugs are a nationwide problem that affects retailers, hotels, colleges, multiple dwelling units and many other public domains. Bob's Discount Furniture takes scheduled drastic measurements to ensure that our trucks, warehouses and merchandise are not infested with any type of bugs, rodents etc. For this reason as well as, the length of time between delivery of the furniture and the day the bugs were reported they are unable to exchange or provide a refund. They are not accepting my claim.

This is Bull *** if this was true why so many others have similar stories. I have spent hundreds of dollars on an exterminator, extermination products, cleaners, laundry etc. I have had to get rid of my daughter's favorite toys, memorable belongings, furniture etc.

I'm emotionally drained, my daughter has developed migraine headaches and has been seen by a physician numerous of times due to this condition. It has been determined that the headaches are due to the products I am obligated to use in my apartment and on our daily clothing.

At this time I'm interested in joining with others customers who have had a similar experience. Please build the courage to voice your concerns and join together to do something about this. Let's get what is owed to us, please join me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I purchased a sectional from Bobs on 9/6/14. About a month later we started getting bitten.

Yesterday, I was horrified to find that we are infested with bedbugs. $4000 and a backache later, the exterminator informed me that the infestation likely began at the end of the summer. 12 bugs were found on the couch. My son, who loves the couch and brought his comforters on it, had over 50.

I think it's a little too coincidental that the issue arose shortly after getting the couch. Done with this place.


I purchased 2 recliners from bobs. My husbands is a lift recliner.

Last weekend we noticed my husband is getting bites on him....I've been spraying the chair all week. There are bugs in it and there different kinds of bugs.

I am furious of this situation. His chair was purchased last September.


I had to throw a bob-o-pedic mattress and box worth $1400 which I bought a month back. My second bedroom also got infested because we keep moving the comforters from one bedroom to another :(

My apt owners told us to dispose both bedroom's bed set and mattress.

Its a loss of $5000 for us. I don't know whom should I go to regarding this.


I just had to throw out a lvingroom set I bought from Bobs less than 3 months ago. it was bed bug infested.

I had to get an exterminator who charged $1305 to treat my whole apartment as a precaution. I wish I could sue Bobs for a refund.

As it is I'll NEVER buy anything from themagain.


Debbie, do a little bit more research, if the bug was so big that you could see it, it wasn't a bedbug.



Please email me.


I received a sleeper sofa w/ the Bobopedic mattress a few weeks ago. A couple of days ago when we (my young daughters and I) pulled the bed out, the mattress was flipped up and a black bug was walking across.

I didn't think much about this until I decided to google and find out what a bed bug looks like. The bug I found was, in fact, a bed bug and now I'm beginning to worry about an infestation. Since it's a sleeper, we're not sleeping there all the time. We're at the beginning phase of figuring out how to handle this.

Just realized......that it was indeed a bed bug. Gross!!!!

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