Parkville, Maryland
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The staff at Bob's Furniture Store in Nashua New Hampshire is great! I have bought several things over the years and have always been satisfied with the service and the furniture.

Any problems were resolved quickly and professionally. The store cafe is welcoming and Layla is always friendly. Mike, the manager, and Michael from maitenance keep the store in great shape. The salesmen are so handsome!

Ask for Brian, Mike, Jack,Gary, etc and you will see what I mean !!! I love to shop for furniture at Bob's Discount Furniture! Shop at Bob' in Nashua.

It's worth the trip !!! =)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Manager.

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They want me to go all the way to New Hampshire to pick out another freaking mattress so I can take this information back of Boston are you freaking kidding me all I wanted was an exchange mattress a soft mattress not one that resembled sleeping on a rock even though a Rock might be softer! They're telling me I have to go to New Hampshire to pick out my bed why don't they have any freaking pictures on a website of what you can pick out then I'll pay the damn $40 that they want for the 30 day warranty or guarantee or whatever it is I had knee surgery I can't drive I'm in Boston you do the math Bob's Furniture sucks


Wow, that review was obviously made up!!!


Hmmm, sounds like the Jack in the post may belong to you??? Too complimentary to be a TRUE shopper.