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I purchased a dining room set and was pitched the Goof Proof Protection Plan. The salesperson did an amazing job at explaining to me all the benefits of the protection plan. What they failed to do was tell me all of the reasons I would be given as to why my claim will be denied for future damage repairs. Unfortunately, during a family games night this past Saturday, two of the chairs to my dining set broke- one of which gave out from underneath my pregnant friend. This was a terrifying experience. When I called into Guardian today to file a claim to have my bar height chairs fixed, I was denied the claim. The representative stated that being that we were sitting in the chair when they broke, it was not considered accidental. She instructed me to call BOBS customer service to file a claim there.

I called BOBS and was transferred to customer service. I spoke with Destiney (sp?) who informed me that Guardian declined my claim due to misuse of the chairs. One: this is not what the woman from Guardian explained to me. Two: MISUSE OF THE CHAIRS?! How is sitting in the chairs at the table playing cards misuse of chairs? Destiney then informed me that because I explained to the representative at Guardian that our feet were rested on the lower bars that connect the legs of the chairs together (her supervisor, Kelly termed them 'stretchers'), that we were misusing the chairs as that is not the intended use of the bar and those chairs.

Destiney (and later Kelly) explained that those bars are intended to support the chairs, not rest people’s feet. I asked Destiney and her supervisor Kelly to furnish me with written documentation that detailed the intended and appropriate use of the bar height chairs that I purchased and they each explained to me that there IS NOT a document that spells out the intended use of the chairs.

If there is nothing documenting appropriate use of the chairs, how can you deny my claim due to my misuse of the chairs? I am furious with the accusation that my friend's fall was a result of our misusing the chairs as opposed to the chairs being poorly built. I am also upset at the fact that these salespeople coerce customers into spending $99-$559+ on a protection plan that they'll likely NEVER be able to use in the future.

After going in circles with Destiney and requesting to speak to a Supervisor, Kelly came on the line and agreed to send me out something called a 1yr review. However, to be honest, I HIGHLY DOUBT my chairs will be repaired or replaced and I am confident that all the extra money I have spent on Goof Proof Protection will be a waste. I have never been so disgusted with a business the way I am with BOBS Discount Furniture Store.

Since 2015, I have purchased a king sized bedroom set, a living room set, two recliners and a dining set. I purchased Goof Proof Protection for all of them. That totals well over $700. This was my second attempt at utilizing the protection and being denied. I attempted to make a claim for broken springs and the filling coming out of my sofa. The claim was denied by Guardian stating it was not accidental. What a huge inconvenience and ever-larger waste of money.

I have been in the market for additional living room set and I was considering BOBS, after this 2nd *** experience, I will take my business elsewhere. It is very disappointing that the product and service do not add up to the commercials and Bob's so called 'no gimmick' spiel. This entire business is deceiving.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: REPAIR CHAIRS.

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I was informed in my youth that any "extended warranty" offer sold during an initial purchase is simply pure profit for the salesperson. From electronics to appliances and everything in-between, it's a rip off.

I'm sorry that you were burned twice that you know of, but most likely 100% wasted money by you. I'd never buy from Bob's simply because he's the most obnoxious pitchman around.

He and Eliot from Jordan's make me want to give my business to ANYone else. Good luck on your living room purchase.

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