Reston, Virginia

I bought a mattress from BOBS and it is ripping. Worst mattress I have ever owned.

Firm!!! It is like sleeping on a cement block!! I have only had the mattress 14 months and now it is ripping at the seams. Do not by a mattress from them at all they are awful!!

the mattress has feathers coming out it and is just palin awful. go to bernie and phyls ten times better quality and services even jordans furniture would be much better.

the only have the *** 800 number and no one can really help you!!!! never again will i go there

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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Never again will I buy a bob's mattress either. Bob's replaced our first Masters that was sagging had a big hump in the middle, with the black label mattress. It's horrible, it's like sleeping on the layers of cardboard, and it pushes up against your body rather than supporting it.


Any customer who has a complaint with Bob's Discount Furniture may contact the company's customer care liaison manager, Nicole Theriault by phone at 860-319-2311, fax at 860-887-9913, or email at for direct assistance.


Why would you buy a FIRM mattress if you don't like firm mattresses?

Why did you buy the hard-as-a-rock mattress if you saw it in the store and had the opportunity to try it out?

Why is it ripping? Are you taking care of it, like rotating it regularly, using a mattress pad/protector, not letting your kids jump on it or not abusing it?

There is always more to a story, especially if a brand new mattress is "mysteriously" no longer comfortable, even after you had the chance to try it.

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