Willimantic, Connecticut

My husband and I had purchased furniture at Bob's in Springfield MA for a home we just bought. The set was made of a better quality then most of their items so we were pleased!

The kicker was our sales person told us to come back a week later to pay the purchase off so we could get the perks of tax free weekend! So we did just that!! We gave hime the info and he had wrote it up for us for when we returned! He knew we lived outside of MA and that we would need it after Sept!

When we returned he informed us there had been a glitch and because it was going to be delivered outside of MA they could not give us the tax free deal! I was pissed! With not alot of time to shop elsewhere we had no choice but to pay it off to find that we werent going to be able to recieve the set for over 51 days! He knew we lived in CT as we told him when we were purchasing the set!

It isn't like this is a special order set and we couldn't even get a pair of bar stools for over 1 month! We felt because he made the mistake they should honor it! They knew we were highly upset but did nothing to make the customer happy!

I did inform them that this will be the last time we purchase furniture at Bob's and it is too bad seeing we are furnishing an entire home.

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Connecticut's tax free weekend is August 19th through the 24th, just FYI.

Otherwise, I see the point the consumer was making. The sales person should have known better and been able to inform a Connecticut consumer about the misconcenption before the consumer purchased the item.


people make mistakes. maybe YOU should've realized yourself that since you live in CONNECTICUT and only MASSACHUSETTS was having tax free weekend you don't APPLY for it.......

your taxed for where your going to take possession of the merchandise. duh! if your from massachusetts and you go by something in ct you'll be charged 8% independent if massachusetts tax is 5%!, if massachusetts was the only state having a tax free weekend that means only people buying things that are going to a massachusetts location will be applicable for it. just like when new york has their tax free things... only things taken possession inside the state will be tax free.

you could've figured it out. ... let's think before we blame others upon things we ourselves could've came up with.