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I was completely happy with my nearly $2000 purchase of a mattress/boxspring/platform bed set from Bob's Discount Furniture. However, after a year of allergy/respiratory issues, my physician suggested my bedroom be examined.

We found the culprit, MOLD, lying right beneath the bed. When my furniture was delivered on 12.18.09, it was a wet, rainy day and the installers left the wood outside the truck while they moved each piece. It never occurred to me that this would result in mold. All 3 wooden slats (for which I paid $120 - you can get from $20 at Home Depot) were covered in ugly, black mold and wood mites.

I called Customer Service and spoke with Bethany/Eveling (sp). Neither were eager to help. They maintained that all the company could do was replace the wood slats. Thanks, but no thanks!

I'll go to Home Depot! At least they honor their store policy. I have suffered greatly this year with allergies. Switched medications, bought HEPA vacuum, missed several days of work and all they could say was I should have called within 3 days of delivery!

Are you kidding? I was warned not to buy from Bob's...I will no longer recommend or purchase from them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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The mold probably wouldn't have shown up within 3 days of delivery, but almost a year later, what did you expect them to do other than offer to replace the slats?


Im honestly not suprised!!!! My fiance and I purchased a bedroom set from Bobs about 1yr and 5 months ago...A few days ago a picture had dropped behind one of the dressers and to my surprise I found MOLD growing all over the back then I opened it up and it was all over hte wood inside.

I then checked my dresser and the saem issue had occured...Keep in mind we have a new condo, central AC and no other wood furniture we have in our house has mold in it, only what we had purchased from Bobs. The manager I called said there was nothing they could do about....There goes my $2,000 bedroom set....I will NEVER go back to Bobs