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Bob's has replaced the mattress and box spring with a new one. They were very kind and held delivery until I could move into a new construction home. I was pleased with the resolution of this problem.

Original review posted by user Aug 23, 2017

My 15 year warranty with Bob's Furniture will not cover MOLD, Black mold growing deep inside and in a huge area of the bottom of mattress under the rubber zipper off mattress encasement. I was cleaning bedding and moving the mattress upward to lean against wall.

There was black material coming out one of the vent holes on rubber part of the mattress cover/encasement. unzipped it to find a HUGE black, brown, yellow moldy area. this isn't just surface mold it is deep in the foam. I filed claim on warranty and they quickly asked for very specific photos of the mold!

Then 1 day later denied the claim saying it doesn't cover mold. I never spilled anything on the bed, the top side and sides of mattress are crisp and clean, no stains! I clean bedding often, am in a clean and dry bedroom. There was no environmental or accidental reason for the MOLD growth.

My pictures clearly showed how perfect the top was and how moldy the bottom was, they denied the claim. I just filed with Better Business Bureau of CT. When I googled there are thousands of owners of this bed with newer ones and one older than mine. People are Livid!

This is poor design to encase the darkest area of the mattress in rubber which traps in heat and moisture and gives the perfect environment to grow mold. It may take years sitting in place before and owner has to move the bed and notices the mold when it's too late!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Salesperson.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Denial of replacement matress, Defective materials that cause mold to grow in memory foam.

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Restoration Hardware has had this problem with distribution centers for many years, including OSHA fines.


We have the same issue with our mattress that is 9 months old. Bobs will do nothing!


Can I ask whatever happened with this? Just found mold on the bottom side of my 4 year old mattress when trying to flip it... even in my “good proof” protector it was soaked at the bottom and moldy!


They did replace it for me! It did not take long after Better Business Bureau claim for them to contact me and offer brand new 2 piece box spring and mattress set.

I even had to postpone delivery for 3 months as I was waiting on a new construction home, they were patient with me for the delivery. I had the new set delivered in February of this year and it is fine so far. I am sad it had to take all this effort to get the proper solution, but, I am very happy with what they finally did for me. I had to agree to delete better business bureau complaint and updated this one as resolved and I did change my star rating to 4.

The bed is a good value, I love it's comfort level. But, the mold was hopefully a one time, freak thing that happened to that one mattress for me. I hope this one does not do that.

I noticed the style of the encasement and the outer cover may have been improved and thought I read that there may be changes to the foam itself too. Hope this helps.

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