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I purchased a livingroom set for $1600 which I same day in CASH.Did I say I paid in CASH....

Yeah ok. So rather than pay $149 for delivery 10 blocks up, I paid a guy $50. Well my sofabed NO LIE only lasted 3 hours. Imagine this - 2 people on the sofa after about 2 hours and BOOOM, we fall to the bottom of the sofa.

Good thing Bobs' furniture had a sofabed to cushion our fall. Well these bastards will not pick up the furniture unless I pay $149.95 for pickup since I didn't pay the first time.

Oh yeah, and the extra warranty I paid for - $179 that the sales rep swore that if anything happened whatsoever, they would come to the house and replace it absolutely free.Yeah ok you sons of ***

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I have experience a disastrous relationship with Bob's.The finish came off my daughter's dresser and night stand, in less than six months.

A technician came out and said it was all our fault, and they would not replace them.

He said he would fix the paint that had come off, but did not have the right color white. This is the person to whom they give the call on whether it was damaged from the factory.

When I called, the "Customer I don't Care" center said they would not be out to fix it, and bring the correct paint. This is a one time courtesy call. How could be inconvenienced for hours and not having it corrected by a courtesy?

The person I spoke to sounded like a robot...he said he was the only supervisor in charge.

Then, I really started to laugh.

WHy would I expect incompetent people to say accurate things?No one I spoke to even knew the finish on the furniture.

My next email is to the Better Business Bureau.

New Rochelle, New York, United States #715370

I just canceled my order.After waiting all day long I just found out it would be well after 6:30pm to get my sofa.

I used the delivery tracker many times today to track my delivery. One of the selling points the push is that you will be given a 3 hour window for your scheduled delivery. It started out at 12:44a.m. to 3:44p.m.

It then changed every hour for several hours until it reac hed 8:15 p.m. My friend saw the MY Bob's Truck 10 minutes away and asked them if they had my delivery. I was able to speak to the driver and he said that it would be very very very late. Obviously, MY Bob's thinks because they sell at a reasonable price that people will put up with their b.s.

delivery tracker.

I for one will not.I urge all not to shop there as they are not above board with their sales spiel.

Randolph, Massachusetts, United States #709009

I have just read many of the complaints and comments here.I guess we are not ones to have poor service and cheap product.

Ergo.... small claims court is the way to go. Bob's needs to be hit in the pocket book for not keeping their word and selling inferior or defective product.

My son bought a box spring, mattress and head board.

Had to back order and was supposed to take 2 weeks. It took 3.5 weeks so we picked it up when it came in. The foot board was broken when we took it out of the box. Press board, ***.

They were going to replace it but brought the wrong part. Weeks have gone by and my son rightfully said take the head board / foot board back which they agreed too. Now after not showing up a few times they only want to give a store credit. Do you think we would ever buy anything there again?

My son has been sleeping on the mattress so feels obligated to keep it, but we will go to small claims court for vindication and justice instead of trying to reason with a company that thinks they can screw everyone at least once and not rectify their poor business practices.


Glad I read these comments. I was going to purchase two bedrooms on-line tomorrow (almost 2,900.00) from Bob's. NOW THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN thanks for the heads up.

Flushing, New York, United States #618476

Let's just say I'm annoyed :x

I purchased two recliners in 2008,and right away had problems.

In the showroom I told the sales rep that I couldn't push back the chair to raise the foot rest..I had to really struggle to recline.Then to bring the chair back to sitting position, the sales rep told me to put both my feet on the foot rest and push really hard!!He then said..this is a floor model,your chair won't be this hard...what was I thinking?

I have not sat inthe chair since last July. The other one wants to sit in it because it rocks and reclines, and you can't get a good foot grip on the floor to get out of it!

This purchase was a huge mistake, and I won't buy from them again.:zzz


Glad I checked this out because I was going to look into getting sofa from Bob's. No way now!


is this for real?


i put an order from bobs furniture store and i get horrible expierence from delivery and defective merchandise.not only one time twice in last two answer from any one of mybobs discount furniture customerservice and from delivery sorrry;no reason ? carmen rodriguez i still have strong hope they will give me call and expalin to me what happen.


Wwow l really can't believe this every time I see them on TV I talk about how nice their furniture looks and for such a low price... It must be a scam looks like I was right.. Happy I have not bought anything from them I wonder if IKEA is any different cuz I'm looking for new furniture for my new flat..

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #345657

purchased sofa set bonded leather n goof proof protection plan,, sofa bonded leather cracking n tearing.called bobs tech came out n told would taken care of by either bobs or manufactors,,guess what neither will honor there agreements,, so to all out there don,t buy from bobs discount furniture there word there promise meaning nothing theyare *** artist n player of words

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