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We made a huge purchase from Bob's Discount Furniture and arranged for it to be delivered on 8/26/17 so that we will have enough time to move everything in our new house by 9/1/17. Side note: We had to move out of our old unit by 8/31/17.

When I received the time frame of when the delivery team is supposed to arrive (6am-10am) I immediately called Customer Service to inform them to have the delivery team contact me when they are on their way since I wasn't currently living at the new house. The Customer Care Rep agreed. Knowing how customer service is, at 6:30am on the delivery date, I called Customer Care to tell the rep the exact same thing I told the other customer service rep. She informed me that the delivery team does not indeed contact customers when they were on their way and then she proceeded to tell me that they were actually on their way as we speak.

I confirmed with her multiple times that they were on their way, which she did and so I rushed my way out of my old house to head to the new one, which is approximately 20 minutes away. On my way there, I received a call that indicated that the delivery team will arrive in 45 minutes, which would have been 7:30am. 7:30am arrives and no sign of the delivery team. 8:00am comes and I call customer service back and explain to them the situation and that the team is still not there yet although I was informed at 6:30am that they were on their way.

She informed me that they should be on their way now and to give them a call back if the delivery team is not present in 30 minutes. 8:30am comes and still no sign of the team. At 8:45am I called back customer care and explained the entire situation, this new lady put me on hold for 20 minutes to figure out what was going on. When she got back on the line with me she informed me that the delivery team got into a car accident and that they are waiting on the police report and they should be on their way and should arrive in about 20 minutes.

35 minutes pass and still no sign of the team. I leave the house during this time to get something to eat and of course when I arrive at the store, they were at the house. They begin to unpack most of the items and we soon learn that 50% of our furniture was damaged. The team proceeded to move the rest of the furniture into our house and was going to leave them in their boxes.

I asked them to remove the boxes so that I can inspect it and make sure that the items in the boxes are not damaged. The team was very upset that I asked him to do this and he proceeded to rip the boxes apart with an attitude like he did not want to do his job. This delivery team proceeded to leave all the broken merchandise in our home, trashing our new house and leaving trash in our front yard. They also informed us that they will be back tomorrow (which was a Sunday) However, BOBS do not deliver on a Sunday!!

Which was something I learned after this incident. As I mentioned in the beginning we had to move out of our old unit by 8/31/17 and the next available date that they had was 9/1/17. Since all of the merchandise was left in our new home we could not bring any mattresses or the majority of our personal belongings into the new home. My family and I had to sleep on the floor for a night.

Bobs then came on 9/1/17 and this second delivery team was great. They even informed me that the 1st team installed some of the furniture wrong and noticed that one of the bedroom sets was missing major pieces/screws and could not be installed. This caused for a 3rd delivery team to come out. 3rd delivery team came and installed the last bedroom set.

The very next day a Bob technician came out to "fix" the scratches on the coffee table which consisted of using a permanent marker to fill in the scratches. This was totally unacceptable to me. This caused for another delivery team to come out to exchange new coffee legs. A few days later I noticed that the back of my bedroom headboard was completely damaged.

It took them 3 visits in order to give me a headboard that was in good condition. It came to a point where I had to settle because waiting for another exchange meant wasting more time and taking more days out of work. One of those 3 visits, the delivery team arrived an hour after the 4-hour time frame we received. Customer service apologized by first offering a gift cards to Bobs which I immediately denied.

As the manager was evaluating our compensation, I had to tell them to give me a call back because it was starting to interfere with my appointment with my eye doctor. The customer care rep at Manchester, CT was supposed to give me a call back when the manager was finished but never did! I called back that same day and explained the situation. This new customer care rep at this location informed me she was going to talk to another manager about the situation and get back to me.

Long story short, customer care from corporate gave me a call to inform me that they can only compensate me with $100 because it was already offered. I informed them this was never offered to me because I had to get off the phone before it was even decided how much we would get back. I believe that we should have at least got back what we paid for delivery ($300-400) at the minimum especially with everything that we had to go through. Missing work, having to sleep on the floor, wasting entire days just waiting for the delivery team to come.

This entire process was beyond frustrating and inconvenient!!!

I would never recommend bobs to anyone ever!!!! Only 1 customer care rep in the Manchester Location was helpful, other customer care reps were useless!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Sales rep.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Customer dissatisfaction resolution, Product quality and useless warranty, Furniture.

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