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My boyfriend and I recently purchased a dining room table, chairs and a dresser. Our sales person, Maria Moran, was helpful and told us that the delivery would be a breeze. We mentioned to her and your customer service people as we checked out, that we live in a coop and that the Friday delivery was no issue as long as it is delivered between 8:30am - 4:30pm the coop would not allow after or before those hours. We checked the night before and the tracker said that it was scheduled to arrive between 12:30 - 3:30, my boyfriend decided to take the full day off work just to make sure things ran smoothly and to make sure someone was home the whole day.

The day of the presumed delivery, the tracker continued to be pushed back. Once it listed 5:30pm my boyfriend called the hotline to make sure they didn't come past the building restriction we so clearly stated. He was transferred about 5 - 7 times to no avail. Aggravated he called the store, they informed him that the delivery truck was late and it may or may not come before 5:30. We get a call around 4:45 from the driver telling us he was on the way, again we tell him not to come if it is after 5. My boyfriend continues to wait ... we get a call at 8pm telling us the truck broke down and Bob's Glendale would call us to reschedule. They never call. Saturday, we decide to go back to the store and straighten it out.

We spoke with an employee named Cal. He was completely unhelpful. He was rude and condescending, saying that he called us to reschedule the delivery but our phone wasn't working. "Are you sure you're phone service was working" , implying that we didn't pay our bill. It absolutely worked and my boyfriend proceeded to show him the call log and no missed calls from his office. I asked to speak to the manager, she came over and told us to call Bob's directly for any kind of reimbursement of delivery fees and there was nothing she could do. They then asked when we would like the delivery to come again, as we both work and no one is home during the day to receive this another day off from work would not be an option so my boyfriend suggested Tuesday (Tomorrow) morning before 11:30; so he would go in late. They agreed and guaranteed that it would be there between 8:30am and 11:30am. At that point I told the manager that I was appalled at the level of customer service we have received so far. From the hotline, the delivery people, Cal at customer service ... now the manager not one person owned up to our issue. Not one employee apologized to us for missing a day of work or for having to drive back to the store and reschedule the delivery because the personnel did not call us back. Instead, we were interrogated about our cellular phone service and given a useless 1800 number to make a complaint. I expected more from management.

Today we receive a call from Bob's hotline about the order ... it is scheduled to come anywhere from 12:30 - 4:30 tomorrow. After all the aggravation it is still coming AT THE WRONG TIME. I call back the store, as usual they never apologize, give a history of how they load trucks and why it is coming at the wrong time but promise to send an email to the delivery people to try to get it delivered earlier, they said they would call me back. They didn't. So I called, I spoke to Cal again. Upon restating my long drawn out issue, he abruptly cut me off and said that he had just walked into work and was not acclimated yet, he will take my number down and call me when he's ready. His usual condescending tone, as if I am the one inconvincing him making him acclimate sooner than he would prefer. I expect that when someone picks up the phone at their place of work ... they are ready to work, and if your job is customer service you wouldn't be so taken aback when a call comes in that is a customer requesting service. Maria called me back, who sold the furniture to us originally, gave me a description on the practices of shipping how they load the trucks and that they never guarantee the shipping time (even though the manager and Cal did on Saturday when we were re scheduling the appointment). She recommended that I track the shipment through the online site from work (because my management would love that) and run home when they are close (even though we both respectively work about a half hour from our home). She then proceeded to tell me that essentially this was our fault because the computer lists the building restriction and they are going by that. I explained that yes that was correct, Friday we could accept delivery before 5pm due to the building restriction. However, since it never came we would now be taking off more time from work and Friday's restriction is irrelevant. We clearly stated to the store manger and Cal the customer service rep, that my boyfriend could only *** work until 11:30am and they guaranteed that they would accommodate.

Basically I understand; people make mistakes, trucks break down, people neglect to follow up. However, not owning the issue, brushing me off from service rep to service rep, everyone from the phone line through upper management never offering me an apology, a resolution to my problem is inexcusable. At every turn we were blamed; whether they tried to tell me our phone didn't work or the Friday's building restriction caused the issue, or I called at a bad time because he wasn't "acclimated" ... is propostorous. What I would have done if I were any individual dealing with my issue is:

1. Apologize for inconveniencing the customer

2. Establish a plan to make it right

3. Own the issue until it is resolved

That is what I expected from your establishment and I was sadly mistaken. I request that our order comes tomorrow before 11:30 am as promised; and that our delivery charges are dropped based on our disgusting customer service debacle.

Review about: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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The sales persons don't hassle you; nice store w/nice things, but, once you order something and have to return it -- look out --it takes a month to get the refund processed! Is this place in New York?(!) or some cow town where people move like molasses -- just sayin'


i would have got a refund *** bobs

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