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My wife and I were in the Middle Village store inquiring to purchase furniture.We were told by the Rep.

that because Bob's already has furniture at a discount they don't offer any discounts. You are probably the first place I found that does not give anything to Veterans or disabled Veterans which I am. The response I received from the Rep. was like if I said, You are already in a free country so we (veteran) dont need to protect you.

I would rather shop at a store that offers something to it's Veterans even if the end result was I paid more just on principle.I hope you will look into serving your Veterans some how in the near future.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "policy" of veteran discount. Bobs Discount Furniture needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Yes 12 month deployments are a real test on a family's strength.Yes putting my life on the line in some foreign country whose inhabitants hate America is scary.

But, I did enjoy tax free combat pay - no taxes on my income.I enjoyed the housing allowance that allowed me to pay rent, cable, and electric and still have some money to go out once or twice a month.

I was college educated for free on the GI bill and after serving got a GOOD job making lots of money.

My Tricare insurance beat anything in the civilian world as far as coverage and premium cost.

I didn't get rich, my marriage was tested regularly, and I lost friends.

I don't deserve a discount at any retailer.I served, it was my job and I joined mainstream America.Thank you for thinking of me - but I'm doing just fine without a discount.


to veterans who commented, thanks for your service. thanks also to the original poster but believe me, my friend, you catch more flies with honey. most of us out here want to honor you but it's a turnoff when anyone uses it as leverage, even if what the person did is selfless and important

to hhh #1326442

So do you live free then say THANK YOU TO THE VETERANS OF THIS COUNTRY, and yes it was volunteer and draft but without them you would not have what you have today so yes we are SPECIAL and don't forget that so "give me a break" you selfless sob

New York, New York, United States #1302145

I totally agree, the only reason I serve is to get discounts at retailers. Glad you threw in the word "Freedom" and that you'd rather pay more somewhere else just as long as they acknowledge that you're special. Give me a break.

to Matt #1326440

So doyou live free then say THANK YOU TO THE VETERANS OF THIS COUNTRY, and yes it was volunteer and draft but without them you would not have what you have today so yes we are SPECIAL and don't forget that so "give me a break" you selfless sob.

Wenonah, New Jersey, United States #1290832

I am a disabled Marine Combat Veteran and no one owes me or you anything!!!None of us served to get discounts (I hope not at least) if they offer one then great, but it's down right ignorant for you to condemn them for not offering us a discount.

Remember we're not entitled to anything, we all volunteered to serve our country. Nowhere on the contract did it say "free stuff, or discounts". Don't be the guy that gives us a bad name by giving someone *** when you didn't get what you want.

If you're a Vietnam Vet that was drafted then I can understand still being bitter, they were dealt a bad hand.If not, then keep your mouth shut, be respectful and carry on!!!

to EdMac Seabrook, New Hampshire, United States #1311260

Well said Dog, I signed during dessert shield, because I wanted to. No strings, no one is me anything. But it's nice when retailers say thanks.

Wethersfield, Connecticut, United States #1275817

Thank you for letting us know I was going to purchase the super nova after delivery around 2100 but sears gives a discount so I will just get the leather sectional recliner without the chaise because Id rather go with a company that gives military discounts over one that doesn't any day -- my husband will just have to live without the chaise. Ps Bobs website is still from the 1990s full of glitches I thought they would have fixed them by now but -- oh well apparently they don't need the business anyway.

Houston, Texas, United States #954996

What gives you the right to expect discounts just because you're a veteran ? Are you disabled vet,maybe a head injury? Maybe you shouldn't shop alone,i understand Wal-Mart has veteran discounts,they're called meds and they're waiting on you at the pharmacy.

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