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I purchased furniture to be delivered January 4th. All went as planned until the delivery crew hit my cable line while leaving in the delivery truck.

They never stopped to acknowledge the damage. I called Bobs and placed a claim. I was then informed Bob's uses Diakon a third party delivery service, I was directed to Diakon to finish my claim. Diakon informed me they hire sub contractors to perform their deliveries, I tried for 10 days to call their contractor, with no return call.

After calling Bobs and Diakon again for three days straight, I spoke to Bobs legal department and only after this occurred was I able to get Diakon to take responsibility for the damage, Diakon admitted the process took long as they were unable to get their contractor to call them back either. Diakon requested time to get an estimate, 7 days later after several calls to both Bobs and Diakon I was informed the quote was in, Another three day delay and only after threatening a lawsuit did they inform me their sub contractor finally turned it into the insurance company. I waited for 5 days to hear from an adjuster, today I was informed from the insurance company the contractor had cancelled his insurance policy two weeks prior to my delivery. Bobs does a great job insulating themselves from liability with the two third party companies underneath their structure, Bobs will not pay for the damages, has never called back to check that the process was being handled correctly, Diakon will not pay for the damages and the contractor has no insurance and I am sure no money to pay if I were to sue.

So here I sit on my Bobs furniture 4 weeks after the damage, with $7,000.00 in damages to my house siding and contemplating how much will it cost me to sue, who do I sue and when I do win the court case does the person responsible have the funds required to pay for damages. I received what I thought was a fair price for my furniture purchase, now I realize the furniture would have to be gold plated in order for this endeavor to be worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This companies quality of furniture complete junk!! We didn't even have the furbiture 90 days and had nothing but issues , the cushions on the furniture continued to fall apart, i have spent hours and days on the phone w the incompetent people at this company.

STAY AWAY from this furniture store!!

The quality of the furniture store is horrible!! Go somewhere else !!


Stay away from bobs furniture it's all junk!!!


I'd call Bob's and threaten an all out social media war! It's ultimately HIS responsibility!

He needs to hire insured and/or bonded delivery contractors! I'm in Arkansas, but I'll do my best to help it go viral.

I'd also make a video and tell him you're going to the media with it!! He doesn't know you mean social media, but some news stations do your sort of stories!!

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