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My wife and I purchased two leather sofas from Bob's furniture in Dec 2011 for $850. During the purchase, the sales associate also sold us their "Goof Proof" protection plan for $100 which provides 5 year coverage for any accidental damage (including stains, frame damage, tears etc).

We started noticing problems with the sofas in May/June 2012, when the supporting springs underneath the seats seemed broken. We called Bob's furniture and they sent a technician over who fixed the springs. However this was a temporary fix, and while they did not break - the support for the sofa seats started deteriorating further.

Later in the year, the wooden frames in the arm rests of both the sofas gave way and cracked during use. We called up Bob's furniture in January 2013 and they sent a technician over, who verified that the arm rest frames were broken and that the sofas needed to be replaced.

We were asked to call the company that administers the goof proof warranty (Guardian Products) to file a claim. When we called up the warranty company on 3/6/2013, we were asked for details about when Bob's furniture sent out technicians to examine the damages. Based on what we remembered, we told this company that we noticed problems with the furniture in the first year, and that Bob's Furniture sent technicians in June 2012 and January 2013. However the Guardian Products representative listed in their record that we were providing inconsistent information - when all we were doing was just trying to remember and provide the dates of when the technicians visited us.

Guardian Products then asked us to get Bob's Furniture to fax them the details of the service visits. Bob's furniture told us they would take 5 days to fax this information, but this was not done as of 3/15/2013. When we called up Bob's furniture - we were informed that we are not eligible for the claim to be processed since we forgot to mention the claim was accidental. On top of this, when we called up Guardian Products - we were informed that because the damage occurred during the first year - the replacement had to be done by Bob's Furniture.

Both Guardian Products and Bob's Furniture have been extremely unhelpful in providing an answer to our questions. When we purchased the Goof Proof protection plan - we were assured that we would have 5 year coverage for any damages. Neither Guardian Products nor Bob's Furniture is honoring this agreement, and are trying to avoid replacing our sofas. If so, they have misled all consumers in buying warranties when they do not intend to honor them - just by shifting responsibility to the other parties.

At the end of the day, as consumers - we only need someone to quickly address our problem - that of defective furniture, which needs to be replaced. We do not care who is responsible for following on the claim - all that matters to is that it be addressed to our satisfaction. It is for Bob's Furniture or Guardian Products to settle between themselves how this claim is taken care of in their books. The consumer SHOULD NOT have to deal with this nonsense! Please respond to this complaint, otherwise I will be forced to a) Complain to the Consumer Bureau, b)Notify Consumer Protection blogs and media, c) Actively inform all my friends and contacts never to patronize or purchase from Bob's Furniture in the future.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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Bob Cares

I'd be happy to assist with your claim. Please email me at and I'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

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