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Sofa bed the mechanism has broken after after 2 years of having it thank God the great salesman Ken from Route 1 Monmouth Junction bobs talked us into getting it, someone came out took pictures they got back to us and told us that we needed a new mechanism they ordered it we kept calling and calling and trying to find out what was going on it took 3 months to get it. It had to be delivered to our home once we receive the mechanism we were to call bobs to let them know so they can send someone out they hire local handyman to come do these jobs.

That took another 3 months once he got here very nice guy he noticed that it was damaged from FedEx. So now we have to start this whole process over again we were having family over for the holidays I kept calling they told me it'll be here and a month it took too much once we got it in we called again it took another month and a half of someone to come out and put it in. So now I have a broken mechanism that was damaged in the garage in a brand-new mechanism also the broken mechanism that still inside of the sofa bag so I noticed the last guy came with a PT Cruiser Chrysler they do not take the broken mechanisms there their own personal cars so I had to call Bobs up once I noticed this and told them I need the stuff removed from my garage they told me that the guys are supposed to take them. Not true the gentleman got on my cell phone and explain the situation to them so they did Apologize they didn't realize they had to send a bobstore truck out to pick these items up smdh, once they put that order in it took 2 days for them to come pick these damaged one up out of my garage.

January 2017 46 piece bedroom set online I was looking to deal with the fort Monmouth Route 1 store because like I said the salesman can was awesome they moved the Freehold I did this online and specifically asked for Ken they told me he was not there but I wanted to make sure he got the sale did not happen they stole the $2,000 sale from him a lady from the Freehold store got the commission so I noticed that my furniture after 8 months was starting to chip it was a wooden brown stain bedroom set Darkwood it. But being old school when mom taught you not to put juice or water or anything wet on top of the dressers because it ruins it which I always tell my teenagers but this was in my wife and I bedroom so I put in a claim in because I started noticing that it was chipping away looking like the beige would like when you first buy something before it's painted or stained so it was unacceptable they sent someone out to my home to take pictures it took them a week and a half to get to me so I called them up and ask them what the status was they told me that they were not going to be able to help me because of this damage took place after the furniture was in my home okay there was a nice tan when I first bought it that came on the truck that was damaged and scratched up chipped away just like this one was but I got a new one delivered to me within that week.

So they told me it look like it was water damage so I said also on the headboard or on the footboard and on the size of the leg of the footboard they straight out told me that they will not be able to help me so what I had to do is take a picture and go to Home Depot because I spent this money on this bedroom set I got as close as I could with a stain base paint it was just a little darker so I had to stay in the whole bedroom set it looks beautiful now it took time to do it but I just didn't want it to be a waste of money I'm watching it now to see if it will start shipping again so I will never ever buy from Bob's ever again. But you do have some great salesman at the Fort Monmouth store on Route 1 Ken is the man no relation my wife and I just walked in and met him when we bought our sofa loveseat bed set

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Your complaint is unreadable due to the lack of punctuation and the run-on structure of the endless sentences.

It's also full of irrelevant information but little substance.

A 2 years old product is iffy at best and "we kept calling" is one of the sorriest statements I've ever read here.

That's NOT how to complain effectively.

Did you not notice the lack of results ?


I know you are telling the truth, I have been calling up myself about my Livingroom pillows and dinning room set. They sent some guy out that did not speak English, he took some pictures, told me he could not help with nothing else because he was only here to take pictures of my dinning room set, when the note states to look at the dinning room and living room.

I called up Bob's to see what was taken so long for my replacement, when I was told by my sales person that ANY dint, paint peeling, water stains, crayon, marker to my table will be replaced with no question asked. If my sofa has ANY rip, tears, stains etc. it will also be replace with no question, I asked about the cushion and was told every two the can be replace. Why am I begin taken through so many channels when you took my money for the Goof Proof.

Now I am begin told I have to call someone else for the dinning room set and another number for the sofa. Bob's is full of ***!!!

And the quality is cheap for the fake *** low prices. Times like this is when I wish Seaman's and Huffman Koo's was still around.

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