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I just purchased a dinning room set, after reviewing the negative comments hoping I don't fall into this category. Should have done my homework first, I will let you'll know about my experience.

WORRIED.........The set is a beautiful set I live in Illinois Bob's furniture stores have been here almost a year. If the company wants to stay in business they need to be a person of their word. With all the advertisements on television here in Chicago, the company would grow from this.

However, if the products and the service is not up to part Chicago will put this company out of business. I don't like to make big mistakes especially when it comes to purchasing items for your home.

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Hopefully you will have a better experience than ours. When the table comes in make sure that you inspect the wood grain on the top.

Ours had 3 large marks on it, looked like they over stained the wood before sealing it. When we brought it up with the general manager of the store, her response was then why did you accept it. Also check the wood of the chairs, we had one that had big nicks on it.

We ordered other furniture which was sub-par, and the customer service is horrible. We ended up returning everything.

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