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We have company coming this weekend. Bought a queen box spring and mattress.

We specifically told the salesman that a previous queen box spring wouldn't fit up the stairs. He said no problem, don't worry about it. You know the rest. Delievered this morning and it wouldn't fit up the stairs.

Will charge us an additional $100 to get a split box spring and delievery for another day. Their customer service rep could care less. Very frustrating. Now no bed ad we are $100 poorer.

If they had listened to us in the first place!

Word of mouth spreads. Grrrrrr

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

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Hey, Defender, Do you work at Bob's ???


who lives in your home, you or the salesperson? would u order blinds without measuring first?


1. It's hard to research the 'bend-ability' of any mattress.


I have no problem paying the extra $100 but it should have been done in the showroom when I brought the possibility up.

Alas. Thanks for your comments.


P.S. - anywhere you go it's an additional $100 for the split box spring.

I bought a new bed 2 years ago and DID my research.

Don't feel put out by the $100. It's a common charge


I'm sorry but it's your own fault you got the wrong thing. GRANTED the salesman could have suggested the split in the first place, but so could you. Poor research on your part


The saga continues. They delivered the WRONG SIZE SPLIT BOX SPRING this morning.

We are still without a complete bed. They are a disaster.


It has everything to do with the salesman. We told him TWICE that previous queen size box springs wouldn't fit up the stairs.

He said it wouldn't be a problem. Maybe the mattress we were now purchasing had more 'give' to it? I'm not a mattress expert. He is the salesman.

Why didn't he suggest a split box spring in the first place???

He made the sale. Adding insult to injury, we were told they would deliver a split box spring on Saturday and to check online Friday night for delivery time. It was never put into their system.

We called Saturday morning and the customer rep had no record of it. Perfect.


If you knew the last one did not fit then why would you think this one would. That has nothing to do with the salesman.