Norwalk, Connecticut
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Bought sectional from them in '09. Called customer care because the cushions were flat like pancakes.

Told me to call Goof Proof - after 3 weeks they finally responded that they aren't responsible. I then called Bob's customer care dept. and they try to tell me they aren't responsible. After sending two guys out they want to use cotton filling.

They said we needed new stronger 'cores'. I had to pay $200 for the better cores. I was told they were guaranteed for 1 year. I just called to have some replaced and now they say that they aren't guaranteed.

So either I pay another $200 or have a guy come over to stuff it with cotton.

INSANE. Do NOT purchase from Bob's...unless you WANT a headache.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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Furniture is not cheap to make from good materials but most people can not afford 'good' furniture. Bob's is no different from most affordable furniture peddlers- they sell real low grade stuff.

The most anyone can hope for is a covering material that doesnt stain easily. but then you get more chemicals and toxins than kids, pets, old folks or most immune systems can stand.

Good furniture is of a good hard wood, proper fasteners, glue and webbing for supporting the springs , good batting and stuffing , then fabric to use for covering will make a chair or love seat cost over $2,000; not the $200 most people expect to spend. For a few hundred bucks you get junk. The price he sells whole living room sets for is less than a good sofa would cost-one that will last 10, 20yrs.

Bob's stuff is lucky to make a year without a disaster of some sort, frames are of soft inexpensive wood, and construction is of the lowest quality there is, that is why the prices are low.

You do get what you pay for and do not buy furniture on looks or style. It is all window dressing or dont be surprised when it fails.