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Went to the Nashua store on Wednesday looking for a swivel chair and/or a desk. Didnt see anything that we were interested in, but decided to browse around.

When approached by a saleswoman, we clearly told her what we were there for and didnt like what we saw and decided to just browse and if we needed help we would get her. This woman literally followed us our entire visit and when she realized that we saw her, she would act as though she was looking at a piece of furniture. When she heard us commenting on something, she would make herself appear and talk up what it was we were looking at and tell us that we really should put a deposit on it because it wouldnt last with all of the sales going on.....this went on for a half hour.

we became so annoyed that we couldnt even browse by ourselves, that we just left and will definately not go there again.

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I grew up in the retail furniture business. Definately, not what it once was.

Quality of product and service you will NOT receive. I worked at the dump of a chain for a period of a few months. I must have been going thru a mid-lifew crisis. I wisened up and left.

I didn't want to lower my personal business standards and ethics.. I'd rather be picking up cans on the side of the road.

The quality of sales vultures they hire is one step below a used car salesperson and one step above a convicted felon. If truth in advertising existed, the chain should honestly be renamed "Bobs Disposible Furniture"


This seems like a store problem. My fiance and I went to the store in Manchester and did not feel the same pressure and stalking that we did in the Nashua store.

So if Bob Cares, Eric, and you want people to purchase from your store, you need to tone down the actions of your sales people just slightly. We did purchase from Manchester.

Bob Cares

Hi Joanna,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our sales rep. If you'd like to contact me at we can certainly look into this issue for you. Thanks, Eric

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