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I'm on my 3rd couch and 2nd power recliner. I am beyond disappointed and quite frankly outraged by the lack of quality and customer service provided by this company.

The service technicians and delivery guys have always been wonderful, but that's where the satisfaction ends! The first time I had an issue was the very first day our furniture was delivered. My husband sat down in the power recliner, reclined and it ripped in 2 places. That alone should have told me to cover everything up and sell it immediately but no, I didn't.

2 weeks later he went to get up from the couch and his elbow went through the arm. At first I blamed him. Poor man! I called CS and was told a technician would come out to fix the couch and see the chair.

Fine. He came out, did his best but the arm was still messed up. I called CS again. They said they would send a new one out.

I received the new couch everything was good until, a few weeks later when my elbow went through the arm. I was beyond angry! I called CS who said they would send another technician out. I said no, you're going to give me a new couch because this is the second time this has happened.

They insisted a technician had to come first, so I went to the store and was ready for a fight. The manager at the time, Jason was great! He researched the couch and found it had structural issues and I was not the first person who had to have it replaced just to have something else go wrong. He gave me a store credit and told me to pick a different couch, which was delivered the following week along with a new chair because by this time the chair was also falling apart.

So, brand new couch from a different line which doesn't match any of my other furniture and a new power recliner later, brings us to today. Today a technician came out because the motor came apart in the power recliner. The diagnosis, manufacturer issue. He advised CS that I have requested a new recliner and Alex at CS said that they will review and let me know by Wednesday or Thursday of next week via email.

Now who else finds that unacceptable!? So I asked for a confirmation number and he says they don't have confirmation numbers. Fine. I'll go to the store.

Went to the store spoke to a manager who was in no way helpful and said he couldn't do anything. Fine. I'll call CS and talk to a supervisor. I called CS, spoke to Jasmine who said she couldn't do anything and honestly acted like I should just be satisfied with waiting a week to see if they're going to replace my chair or not.

And the best part is the reviews team doesn't talk to anyone. You can email with them after they review your complaint, but you can't talk to them before hand or actually speak with them on the phone...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

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