Providence, Rhode Island
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I purchased a living room set and a dinning room table from Bob's Discount Furniture at the beginning of the year. We opted to pick up everything ourselves, but ended up waiting another hour because they forgot to load half of our furniture.

After an extra long day waiting and being ignored by the bob's staff... we finally got our new furniture home. After putting it together, the cocktail table was already scratched as well as the kitchen table. We called every 800 number that was provided and was not able to talk to a real person.

I was also told by the sales associate, Ava, that we should purchase the "Goof Proof"... especially since we have 2 dogs. We were told the Goof Proof would allow us unlimited couch cleaning... it seemed like a no brainer.

Well that $200 went to complete waste. When I called the company to schedule my couch cleaning, they said they do not provide that service. The woman, who works for Guardsman, not Bob's was very nice and even apologized.

She said they get this all the time from Bob's customers and they have to tell everyone they don't actually offer the services that Bob's promised. Of course I have tried to speak with someone at Bob's, but still am unable to speak with a real person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Because the store has nothing to do with post-delivery issues. They aren't trained on that. And to the OP, if you wait long enough you'll get a real person, but the hold times are a *** and a half...


Forget the phone. Why not go back to the store and complain?