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Last July I purchased a recliner from Bob's in Orange, CT. after only 5 months the footrest had a very large worn spot.

I very rarely use the foot rest so I found it strange that it should show such wear when the rest of the chair was fine. I contacted the store, they sent a tech to look at it and he said it looked like an animal had done the damage to the chair. I do not own an animal and told him so but, it seems that he did not believe me. My husband and I are the only ones in our house, I am the only one who sits in this chair and we do not have any pets.

After arguing that fact with the tech and the person on the phone from the Company they finally agreed to order a new foot rest and told us that it would be delivered to us and when we received it to call and schedule the installation. Well it never came, I called the store and was told thy would check on it but no one ever called me back and I sent e-mails and no one responded. It is now 5 months later and the whole chair is fine, except for the worn spots on the footrest which obviously is a defect in this chair. I resent the fact that they did not believe that I do not have a pet and then to tell me they were ordering the part that they obviously did not order.

The chair was not expensive and believe me I can well afford to buy a new one but, that is not the point, when you buy a new chair no matter how much it costs you expect it to last more than 5 months. Bob's Discount Furniture is not discount it is defective and he does not stand by it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

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omg! i can not believe that they lied!

and they they didn't believe you that you did not have a pet.!

i mean, like, how in the world would they possibly know that? that is so redicuiluos!

:( :x